What Is An Advance Parole?

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Advance Parole For Immigrants In The U.S.

One of the biggest obstacles immigrants face upon entering the United States is when they begin to miss their family and their country of origin, especially on important dates, holidays, birthdays, and family celebrations.

Immigration procedures are lengthy, and not being able to leave the country while your papers are being sorted out can feel like being locked in.

Fortunately, there is an option that allows immigrants in immigration proceedings to leave the country for certain reasons so that they can return with legal entry: Advance Parole.

Fulfill Your Dreams Of Reuniting With Your Family In Your Home Country With An Advance Parole By An Immigration Attorney

What Is An Advance Parole For?

Advance Parole is a special permit that is requested for specific and necessary reasons that support an immigrant’s departure from the country to their country of origin or another country while waiting to adjust their immigration status within the United States.

There are three reasons to apply for Advance Parole:

  • Work. If you must attend a work conference or any training that your workplace requires you to take.
  • Study. If there is an academic course outside the country or studies you want to take abroad.
  • Humanitarian. This is humanitarian travel if a family member is elderly, ill, or even deceased outside the US.

Immigrants need to apply for Advance Parole because it will allow them to leave and re-enter the United States legally.

Possible “Advance Parole” Scams

With the current immigration boom in the United States, a high number of cases of scams targeting the immigrant community have emerged.

At Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm we have received calls from clients who have been previously scammed by notaries who make them believe they can successfully handle these types of immigration proceedings, and even attorneys who have no experience in immigration cases of this or any type.

Notarios can perform an immigration process or permit (such as Advance Parole) and completely mess up your application by making the slightest mistake on your application.

An attorney who does not handle immigration cases will not have the experience necessary to start an immigration case and complete it successfully.

In any of these cases, the immigrant wastes a lot of time and money trying to apply for an immigration proceeding, and unfortunately not recover any of the resources he/she has spent.

If you are an immigrant, it is highly recommended that you seek personalized legal advice on your immigration case or procedure, to carry it out most efficiently and successfully possible.

Should I Be Careful When Leaving The U.S.? Will My Advance Parole Be Accepted?

Many people who have not retained the services of an immigration attorney think that having an application accepted by USCIS means that it has already been approved, but this is not the case.

When the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Accepts a payment or application from an individual seeking to regularize their immigration status or seeking to apply for some type of special permits, such as Advance Parole, does not indicate that the immigration agency has approved this process.

People from the immigrant community make trips thinking that by having paid paperwork, they already have the right and security before the immigration or border authorities, but the truth is that they run a high risk of not being able to return to the United States.

If you are going through a series of immigration processes or procedures that can get complicated in the middle of the road, do not hesitate to hire the services of immigration attorneys who have the experience and willingness to handle your case.

At Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm we have skilled immigration attorneys whose goal is to bring peace of mind to their clients in this delicate and cumbersome process.

Who Can Apply For Advance Parole?

This permit is primarily intended for Dreamers, that is, for people who are inside the United States under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program who for some reason need to leave the country.

It also applies to persons who are in asylee or refugee status under the Temporary Protected Status program, because they may qualify for DACA.

Applicants who are waiting to receive a Green Card may apply for this permit.

Immigrants who are under the immigration process of a humanitarian visa such as the U Visa also apply.

i-485 & Advance Parole

Advance Parole comes with the Work Permit on form i-485. form i-485 if you applied for both together.

These cases are often very complicated, which is why it is a huge benefit to work with trusted immigration attorneys from Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm to avoid messing up your process.

Both the Work Permit and Advance Parole can be applied for at the same time with the i-485 and are completely free of charge.

What Is the Most Common Fear When Applying For Advance Parole?

Find Personalized Legal Advice On Your Advance Parole Immigration With Attorneys Specializing In These Travel Permits

The greatest fear an Advance Parole eligible immigrant may have is the fear of not being able to return to the United States legally.

Even when you receive the card from the USCIS agency that approves you with the permit, you feel a great fear because of the number of details that are there on the card. It can be very complex and confusing for the immigrant.

The Advance Parole process itself from scratch is already something that many individuals view as scary because of the complexity of immigration laws.

How Long Does It Take For Advance Parole To Be Issued?

The time in which the special travel permit, better known as Advance Parole, is approved and ready for use may vary depending on the turnaround times of the immigration agency.

In the case of Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm’s administrator, Fidel Campuzano, his first Advance Parole took approximately 9 months, while the 2nd Advance Parole was issued to him after 4 months.

It is estimated that it is currently taking the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) about 3.5 months from the time the application is submitted to them to issue the permits.

What Are The Benefits Of Obtaining Advance Parole?

Depending on the reasons that the immigrant has for applying for Advance Parole (Work, Studies, or Humanitarian) are the benefits that he/she may encounter when leaving the country after such a long time.

SomSome immigrants have not left the United States since they were children and do not know their family or country of origin due to a lack of memories or experiences in their homeland.

Reconnecting with your roots and family is a benefit that brings peace of mind and peace of mind to our Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm clients.

Is Advance Parole Worth Asking For & Paying For?

Advance Parole is worthwhile for people who wish for any reason to leave and enter the United States legally if they are in any type of immigration proceedings.

The permit may be issued for a month and a half or more (depending on how much you qualify for) and can be assured of being out of the U.S. for that time. without any future legal or immigration repercussions.

Advance Parole can be requested for as long as your reason for being outside the United States is necessary without any inconvenience.

You only need to show evidence to support why you need to be away for the time specified in your application.

If you have additional questions about your Advance Parole, or your specific case, you may contact us at (855) 502-0555. After a brief 10-minute evaluation of your case over the phone, we will let you know what options you have. You can also follow us on our social networks so you don’t miss our weekly broadcasts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

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