U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Reports On Immigration

At Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, we want our clients or visitors to have the opportunity to be up to date on any new developments in immigration law and policy. That is why we have taken the liberty of compiling periodic reports issued by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) related to immigration.

We understand that there are often drastic changes in this area, which can significantly influence your case, either positively or negatively. We remind you that if you have any doubts or questions, you can always contact us and our staff will be pleased to provide you with personalized attention tailored to your needs.

Alien Detention Standards: Telephone Access Problems Were Pervasive at Detention Facilities; Other Deficiencies Did Not Show a Pattern of Noncompliance (PDF)

Border Security: Fraud Risk Complicate State’s Ability to Manage Diversity Visa Program(PDF)

Department of Homeland Security: Organizational Structure, Spending, and Staffing for the Health Care Provided to Immigration Detainees (PDF)

Department of Homeland Security: Strategic Solution for US-VISIT Program Needs to be Better Defined, Justified, and Coordinated (PDF)

Higher Education: United States’ and Other Countries’ Strategies for Attracting and Funding International Students (PDF)

Immigration Application Fees: Costing Methodology Improvements Would Provide More Reliable Basis for Setting Fees (PDF)

Immigration Benefits: Actions Need to Address Vulnerabilities in Process for Granting Permanent Residency (PDF)

Immigration Benefits: Internal Controls for Adjudicating Humanitarian Parole Cases are Generally Effective, but Some Can Be Strengthened (PDF)

Immigration Enforcement: Controls Over Program Authorizing State and Local Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws Should Be Strengthened (PDF)

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005: Agencies Have Implemented Some, but Not All of the Act’s Requirements (PDF)

Iraq: Iraqi Refugees and Special Immigrant Visa Holders Face Challenges Resettling in the United States and Obtaining U.S. Government Employment (PDF)

Secure Border Initiative: DHS Has Faced Challenges Deploying Technology and Fencing Along Southwest Border (PDF)

Sponsored Noncitizens and Public Benefits: More Clarity in Federal Guidance and Better Access to Federal Information Could Improve Implementation of Income Eligibility Rules (PDF)

US Asylum System: Agencies Have Taken Actions to Help Ensure Quality in the Asylum Adjudication Process, but Challenges Remain (PDF)

US Asylum System: Significant Variation Existed in Asylum Outcomes across Immigration Courts and Judges (PDF)

US Labor Force Statistics: Illustrative Simulations of the Likely Effects of Underrepresenting Unauthorized Residents (PDF)

Visa Waiver Program: Actions Are Needed to Improve Management of the Expansion Process, and to Assess and Mitigate Program Risks (PDF)

Visa Waiver Program: Limitations with Department of Homeland Security’s Plan to Verify Departure of Foreign Nationals (PDF)