Intake Coordinator

I am Mexican, I have lived most of my life in a small port in Jalisco, called Puerto Vallarta, however, I was born in Portland, Oregon. My parents moved to that country with the idea, like many people, to change their life, to have better opportunities, a better job and better living conditions in general and fortunately it was that way for a while. After a few years, they decided to return to Mexico, because they missed their family and did not really have a legal status to live in the United States and were constantly worried about the future.

Now, being aware of the lifestyle that my parents led in the neighboring country, I realize that they were very lucky, they did not need anything, however, not all immigrants run with that luck, many do not manage to fulfill that American dream with both their dream and are stopped on the way. When they come to us, we have the enormous opportunity to make a difference in their lives, to help them reach their goal and to provide them with the peace of mind they are looking for so much.

The world is one, no matter where we are standing, we are the same individual here or in any other country, and as such we deserve to be respected, to be treated with dignity and to live with peace of mind, that is what I want to convey to each person with whom I I speak, I want to assure you that you will be fine, and that at Lincoln-Goldfinch, we will do everything we can to make it so.

Helping people who are in difficult situations makes me realize that we all have a purpose in life and that makes me feel full and committed, because I know that what I do, no matter how big or small, has an effect. positive in people’s lives.