Social Selling Coordinator

I am originally from Mexico City, a large metropolis with a great diversity of cultures, foods and customs. My mother is from the beautiful Pachuca Hidalgo and my father is from San Rafael, a town located in the State of Mexico at the foot of the Iztaccíhuatl volcano known as the “sleeping woman”. My wife is from Nicaragua with whom I have been married for 14 years, which has allowed me to learn about other customs and cultures, although Hispanic but different. I love Mexican food although I think I haven’t tried all the great variety that exists yet and of course, I also love Nicaraguan food. I like to set goals and strive to achieve them. My 94-year-old paternal grandfather has taught me that age does not matter, as long as we are alive we can continue studying, learning and applying what we have learned.

Working at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, a firm with very specific values and objectives, has allowed me to enjoy a pleasant fellowship and contribute to helping those who for many reasons have had to emigrate to the United States, a situation that is already difficult. Doing things for others is very pleasant and even healthy, so knowing that with my work I can contribute to others having the possibility of living better and that they can help their relatives and friends is very satisfying. I believe that we can all have the possibility of a better future, in peace, security and happiness, although it is very difficult in many parts of the world at the moment.