Lead Marketing Coordinator

As a marketing student the vision we usually have is clear towards the expansion of a brand; but in our family, in our firm we have a strong belief that our goal is to help as many people and many families that have suffered and had to go through the most difficult times in front of unfair situations.

This is the reason I feel so proud to call this team my family, because we share the same ideals and we work every day to help more and more people every time. Our main intention is not to grow our business but bring families together and help them get a better future.

Working with such an important mission that was born from an enormous calling for the whole team is a constant inspiration and the most powerful motivator I’ve ever worked with. The opportunities that this position has granted me to help the firm get better have also given me a challenge I am extremely happy to face.

I consider myself very lucky to have had an amazing childhood and a wonderful supporting family that have accepted me and helped me thrive in every stage of my life and career. Even though my sister and I don’t recall having any big problems as we grew up, now the world starts changing and making sense to us, I become more aware of how much I can do to help, even if it’s just a little hand in the whole net of support. Is the net of the world, one we all have to work in, to look for complete universal well-being, it’s the only way we can better our own lives, our environment, and step by step, our own future too.

Thanks to how lucky I’ve been, I’ve also felt compelled to help more and more people and families to achieve the same comfort and happiness that I’ve enjoyed. Fighting for a fair cause will allow us to have equal opportunities and let us walk hand in hand towards a more peaceful world, one that it’s worth fighting for and to inherit it to our next generations.


Texas Immigration Lawyers Team - Diana de Haro's Didi

Meet Didi!

Didi always keeps me busy by calling me out, she’s a great company. She was the first “baby” my girlfriend and I had when we moved in together and has been the queen of the house ever since. She LOVES to eat, makes silly noises with her bottle of water and calls for my attention squeaking every time I make an accidental loud noise (like when I drop anything) like it was a competition of some sort.

She’s 3 years old and the reason we named her Didi is because when she was born she had an “accessory” extra finger in her right front paw that fell off on its own when she grew bigger but the name totally stuck with her.