New Client Coordinator

Hello! My name is Brenda. I am a New Client Coordinator here at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law. I am a child of an immigrant single mother, and from a young age, I was often tasked with the duty of being my mother’s translator.

I learned about my mother’s undocumented situation as a teenager and then realized what that meant. Seeing her bring us forward with all the odds stacked against her makes me value my position with the firm so much more.

Meeting people every day, and hearing their hardships, dreams, and goals fills me with purpose to further keep on doing what I do with Lincoln-Goldfinch Law. It reminds me of my mother’s hard work and the sacrifices she made for me and my brother.

Now, being a mother myself, I strive to learn and better myself for my children and our clients. Helping people achieve their dreams like my mother did is an experience I am thankful for.