Client Happiness Coordinator

It has been an honor to learn how this process works and be able to help lots of these families.

I’m USC and although I really never lived there, most of my family did, and some of them had trouble getting their documents, so I have seen the difficulties this could be in order to have a normal life.

My main motivator in this work is being able to help families, who I haven’t met in person but have told me their stories through the phone. Being so vulnerable and trusting in us, gets to my heart and makes me want to do the best I can to help them out. No one should be suffering when they are looking for the best for their future and their families. It breaks my heart hearing some of their difficult situations. It makes me really happy when I know I could help them in some way.

I love that we can give honest and sincere consultations, we give accurate information of their process by doing our best. Most of the clients tell us their stories through the phone without meeting us and that kind of trust to get from them is difficult to see, they are so brave for everything they have been through that they deserve nothing but the best; the best service, the best consultation, the best attorneys to help them out. I’m really happy and proud to work here.