New Client Coordinator

Helping people brings with it a personal satisfaction of knowing that we can do something for someone who is losing hope of a future together with the people they love. Knowing that at the end of the day we could have helped a family reunite or jump into the beginning of a new life while being safe, makes me feel like I’m doing things right.

I like working with people who help because they share the same positive goal and objective of being supportive and empathetic. There is unity in the firm’s team where we do things tactfully and think about the well-being of others.


Texas Immigration Lawyers Team - Katherine Ahedo's Yori

Meet Yori!

I can say she looks like she was almost smiling, a really kind dog, she loves kids and people, she thinks she is a small dog. She thinks Coco is her mom because when she came home Coco was already there so Yori always tries to be above Coco. She likes to play with balls, sticks and anything you can throw. She is an anxious dog so sometimes she is playing and goes crazy and doesn’t measure her strength. A lovely part of the family, she was my brother’s first and ended up living with me.

Meet Coco!

She is 5 years old. Would never finish talking about Coco, I can totally say I am her mom. I have never seen a dog like her. You can see all her status on her face. She doesn’t like people very much . It is really weird when she likes someone. When we have visits at home she disappears. But when she goes outside the house her whole world changes, her face, everything, she is the happiest dog in the world even if she only goes outside to the corner. She only follows me to any part, she takes care of me, and I can say she loves me the same way I love her.