Ana Patricia Celaya


I was born in Brownsville, Texas. Growing up in a border town, I was exposed to the struggle of immigrant families – some of my closest friends were immigrants from Mexico, friends who I earnestly wanted to have all the same opportunities as I did in the United States. Since my childhood, then, immigration has been an issue that I was always very sensitive to.

By the time I got to the University of Texas at Austin as an undergraduate in the fall of 2017, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career as a lawyer. I was always motivated by an intrinsic desire to help people, and I knew that a law degree – and the knowledge that comes with a J.D. – is one of the most powerful and effective ways to do so. Ultimately, my motivation to help the immigrant families who I grew up with, combined with my intention to go to law school, led me towards immigration law.

Before going to law school, however, I wanted to gain work experience – specifically, I wanted to gain exposure to an immigration law firm so that I could learn more about what it means to be an immigration lawyer through first-hand work experience.More importantly, I wanted to help contribute to a mission that I cherish: helping immigrants actualize their immigration goals and contributing to the strength and diversity of the United States in the process.

That said, I am incredibly grateful to be a part of Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, a firm whose professionalism and wholehearted devotion to its clients is unparalleled.

Working as the Office Manager at Lincoln-Goldfinch has allowed me to both learn more about immigration law and be a part of an amazing team whose commitment to helping our clients inspires me more and more everyday.