Jacob Shillig


As a high school student Jacob Thomas Shillig used what he learned in Spanish class to help a new student understand their math class, that experience changed everything! He learned that he enjoys helping foreign nationals to integrate into American Society. After he learned Spanish he took an opportunity to serve in the US Army and learn Chinese. He received an Associates in Chinese-Mandarin, followed by a Bachelor’s in Spanish. Then he went to FAMU Law where he learned a lot from his professors, and fellow students, and earned his Doctorate in Jurisprudence.

Armed with three degrees and three languages, Attorney Shillig decided to practice Immigration Law. He loves his job as an immigration lawyer, because every day he gets to help people from all over the world that want to visit, study, work, or live in The United States of America! For about 10 years, he has been working tirelessly to provide his clients with the very best service! He has helped individuals and families from over 40 different countries to immigrate to the USA.

Attorney Shillig started his career working exclusively in investment immigration also known as EB-5. Then he became interested in all types of employment immigration to include the Alien of Extraordinary Ability Visa or EB-1A and the Executive Transfer Visa also known as EB-1C. He is very passionate about family immigration because he believes that families can be together forever, and he enjoys reuniting families after years of separation. When non-citizens get arrested for any reason they often end up detained at an immigration detention facility, and can greatly benefit from having an immigration attorney to advocate for them. Attorney Shillig feels very strongly about defending his clients in immigration court because he feels that foreign nationals and their interests are frequently underrepresented in our society.

On a completely separate note, he has been serving as a Medical Operations Officer in the Army National Guard for 19 years. During his service he responded to Hurricane Harvey and was awarded the Texas Medal of Merit. He was also mobilized at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal. More recently he was deployed to the border of Texas and Mexico where he was put in charge of the medical readiness of over 1000 soldiers, and he was promoted to the rank of Major. MAJ Jacob Thomas Shillig, Esq., will continue to serve part-time in the Texas Army National Guard for a few more years.

Attorney Shillig is a member of AILA and the Alabama Bar. He spends his free time traveling with his lovely wife Caroline and playing sports with their six children.