What Questions Are Asked In The Immigration Process?

Suppose you want to become a U.S. citizen and enjoy all benefits that come with that, including living and working in Texas or any other state in the US. In that case, you’ll need to go through a naturalization interview.

The interview (also referred to as a citizenship interview) is a critical stage of becoming a US citizen. The citizenship interview comes with questions asked by a USCIS officer to determine your eligibility for citizenship based on information provided to this point.

To boost your odds of getting citizenship, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the questions asked. Below are the most crucial questions to consider and their ideal answers.

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What Questions Are Asked In U.S. Immigration In 2022?

Oath Questions

Before starting the citizenship interview, expect to be asked to take an oath, to tell the truth. You may also be asked if you know what an oath is and the consequences of lying under oath.

Personal Information Questions

US immigration also asks for personal information such as your full name, D.O.B., race, place of birth, nationality, current address, phone number, and other personal information. If you are legally married and applying for citizenship/a Green Card for your partner, expect similar questions about your partner.

Family History Questions

You should also expect questions regarding your family when you apply for a Green Card. The questions can extend to family questions if you have a spouse. The US immigration asks family history questions like your mother’s full name, your in-law’s names, the number of children you have, where your children were born, the citizenship status of your parents (i.e., are they US citizens?), if your children are adopted, biological, or your spouse’s, among other related questions.

Education & Employment Questions

Expect to answer other questions relating to your education and employment background. US immigration is interested in finding out how educated you are, where you received your education, your employment history, and current employer.

Expect questions such as where you are currently working, your past jobs, your current salary, the name of the schools you attended, etc.

Relationship Questions

US immigration is also interested in a person’s relationships. You may be asked about every small detail about your relationship if you are married or dating someone currently. In some cases, spouses or partners can be questioned separately. This applies mostly to Green Card applications.

Expect relationship questions touching on how, when, and where you met your partner, the location/venue of the first date, the years/time spent before marriage, the time and location/venue of marriage, honeymoon destination (if any), your spouse’s current occupation, your parent’s relationship with your spouse, etc.

Legal Issue Questions

US immigration are also interested in legal issues an applicant may have or is currently having before processing Green Card applications, work permits, etc. Expect to answer questions on legal issues you may have had or have as per Form I-485 that requires full disclosure of any criminal record. One of the most common questions asked is if you have ever faced criminal charges, arrest, or jail time. You can also be asked if you have ever aided or committed a crime in the past.

Summary: What Questions Are Asked In U.S. Immigration Offices?

There are obviously other questions asked by US immigration that aren’t discussed above. However, the above information forms a good basis for preparing for U.S. immigration questions when planning to move to the US and work or live in Texas or any other state.

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