Tarrytown All You Need To Know

Just towards the west side of downtown Austin and MoPac’s north-south corridor, Tarrytown is a beautiful neighborhood that is full of both vintages and remodeled homes.

The existence of both the old and the new offers this neighborhood the appeal of “Old Austin” along with the availability of modern convenience.

Originally the town was established as a subdivision in the year 1915 and grew in its popularity due to its beautiful oak trees. If you simply have a bird’s eye view of the town you will realize these oak trees are an important element of the neighborhood.

The area was once farmland and is now one of the most popular and desirable neighborhoods in downtown Austin.

Amenities & Features

The neighborhood is a tight-knit enclave that is only a few minutes away from downtown. The location of the area allows easy access to Austin’s business centers and entertainment districts as well.

The neighborhood houses several public schools that include the Austin Girl’s School.

Numerous other private schools have come up that are quick to reach from anywhere you are in the neighborhood. One distinguishing feature of the neighborhood is undoubtedly the natural beauty that it beholds.

It has three parks and Austin Lake that make the neighborhood an apt place for nature-loving people.

People & Places Of Interest

The neighborhood has kept its small-town feel and spirit alive. The residents in the area take pride in talking about their beautiful neighborhood and that is evident in everything you see.

Whether you see the neatly kept lawns, or the locals patronizing local businesses such as the Tarrytown Pharmacy open since 1941, you can sense the local pride.

You can often see the residents and locals gather on many occasions whether they are school fundraisers, sporting events, festive 4th July parades.

If you are an art and history lover, you can visit the Laguna Gloria Campus amidst the stunning sculptures that will make you awestruck. You can visit the golf course, or watch the beautiful peacocks roaming in Mayfield Park.

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