Old West Austin In Brief

Old West Austin is Located in between the northern side of Ladybird Lake and the western side of the downtown side, this is one of the densest and diverse neighborhoods in the area.

With a population of a little over 7000, this area comfortably makes it to the list of one of the top 10 neighborhoods in the area. This neighborhood is located in Travis County and is considered as one of the best neighborhoods to live in Austin, Texas.

Since the formation of its own neighborhood Association in the early 1900s, the neighborhood has been able to successfully retain its original character and roots both culturally and physically.

The neighborhood is known for its large and shady trees with front porches in single-family residences.

Due to its proximity to Austin, many new development projects were planned but the neighborhood association decided against it thereby preserving the original soul, look, and feel of the area.

Amenities &  Features

Old West Austin is a perfect blend of single-family standalone residences along with apartments, modern duplexes, and student housing.

The neighborhood houses the University of Texas that has complexes for students and their families staying with them. This contributes greatly to the rich diversity of the population in the locality.

The diversity of the local population can be made out from the fact that the Local Elementary School has students of some 40 nationalities.

The neighborhood has access to national grocery food chains, homegrown local businesses, shops, restaurants, community centers, schools, and more.

There are well-built sidewalks and improved street lighting that make it safe for pedestrians to enjoy their morning or evening walks.

People & Places Of Interest

The residents of the Old West Austin neighborhood are thoroughly keen and engaged in the development of the locality. This is evident from the fact that the original essence of the neighborhood is still intact even after Government plans of heavy urbanization.

Local businesses take a major place in the neighborhood business space such as the Nau Enfield Drug of the 1950s which is a 65-year-old pharmacy with an Old Soda Fountain at the back serving breakfast and dinner.

You have the Jeffrey’s that is known for its fine dining experience. People usually minge and meet each other through the well-built and beautifully lit sidewalks. Cafe Medici is one such place of gathering for many.

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