Clarksville In Brief

Clarksville Located towards the west side of downtown Austin, this locality is full of beautiful views and landmarks along the hilly streets. The neighborhood is known for its leaf-covered, walkable streets and since it’s near to downtown Austin.

The Clarksville community is full of history and has a rich legacy that the residents have strived to preserve for ages. Originally built on land that housed the slave quarters of Governor Elisha Pease, these lands were sold to the freed slaves by Pease.

Some two acres of land was bought by a freedman named Charles Clark in 1971 who built a house. Clark sold Residents in the area then gradually started building homes and the Sweet Home Baptist Church was made.

That is how the area came to be known as Clarksville.

Amenities & Features

The Historic Clarksville community is now a modern-day entertainment district. The neighborhood is full of places to visit, eat, drink, and celebrate.

The area is largely a residential area but does not lose its charm when it comes to its many local businesses as well. The neighborhood has many good elementary, middle, and high schools that make it an area of choice for people to move in with family.

The city is close to downtown Austin that makes it the first choice for professionals and office goers in and around Austin.

People & Places Of Interest

The Clarksville neighborhood saw some major struggles and changes with time and the residents were finally able to reclaim what they have today. The master plan of 1928 left most of the neighborhood aloof from city services and unpaved roads.

An expressway was planned to run through the neighborhood but the residents organized themselves and defeated the expressway plan. In 1978, the Clarksville Community Development Corporation was formed and as a result, the neighborhood got paved streets and proper drainage systems.

Today Clarksville houses many large historic bungalows and houses that add to the charm of the neighborhood. The neighborhood has notable places such as the Galaxy Café and Taco Flats where people flock to enjoy their favorite food and some fun time out of their homes.

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