Bouldin Creek In Brief

Bouldin Creek is a local neighborhood in Austin Texas and is a Historic precinct originally settled around 1900 to 1910, achieving rapid growth through the 1920s and 1930s. The varied architectural styles blend together to make a diverse neighborhood mix.


On the Westside, Bouldin Creek is bordered by the Union Pacific Railway, with Barton Springs to the North. It is not far from Austin Texas, making it a desirable neighborhood for families seeking convenience and proximity to a major center for work and entertainment.


Schools are within close proximity and the Texas School for the Deaf is part of the neighborhood. This school has become a center of excellence for the deaf, undergoing expansion and renovation in the 1990s.


The climate is located between two zones, the dry deserts of the southwest and the green more humid zones of the Southeast. The area has a humid subtropical feel with long hot Summers and short mild winters, and even rainfall throughout the year.

This makes the area of Bouldin Creek very livable, however, there is usually some snow in February.


There is diverse employment available with a mix of government employees, high-tech workers, and retail. Austin area is known as the Music Capital of the World with many live music venues.

Austin is a progressive area with many technologies and development companies. There is a strong focus on education, and if you are a teacher Bouldin Creek could be the place for you to settle.

Austin is also the home of the University of Texas, with over 50,000 students on varying campuses. So you won’t have to go far to attend University.


68.3% of the population are white, with a diverse mixture from other races making up the rest. 26.8% of the population has children under 18 years of age.

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