Allandale In Brief

Located towards the north of downtown Texas, Allandale is a quiet neighborhood that gives its residents that suburban feel. With a population of about 9,676, this is sparsely populated and is considered as one of the top neighborhoods to live in Texas.

In this area, most residents own their own homes. The neighborhood is an apt place for seniors, young couples looking for some precious privacy, or even empty nesters. The neighborhood has a close-knit community and most people know each other pretty well in the locality.

The Allandale Neighborhood Association was formed in 1975 and since then they have been very active in ensuring the community comes together through various events.

Amenities &  Features

The neighborhood of Allandale offers affordable housing options in the form of one or two-bedroom homes. It is close to the city center and offers easy access to all the local highways.

The neighborhood is well established with all kinds of local businesses, shops, and restaurants that make it the right place for all kinds of families.

The area has a lot of good schools and parks and that makes it a good choice for couples with children as well. There is a recently renovated Beverly Sheffield Park for your outdoor activities and you can go to the Recreation Center for Indoor sports.

Along with providing for plenty of local shops and restaurant options, the area is very close to other parts of the City including the MoPac towards the west and downtown a few miles south.

People & Places Of Interest

The neighborhood Association of Allandale is pretty active and they organize events to bring the community together. These could be either the annual 4th July parade or through community meetings to take important decisions regarding the building of any new infrastructure.

Though the people here are helpful and shall be glad to help they respect each other’s privacy and will be sure to ensure you are not disturbed unnecessarily. The quiet look and feel of the area is what makes it one of the most preferred localities opted for.

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