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In today’s complex and ever-changing world of immigration, it is essential to be well-informed. The law itself is intricate and challenging to comprehend, compounded by the need for significant reforms in recent decades.

It’s crucial to seek guidance from legal practitioners who have studied and understand immigration law. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law can provide you with legal advice and support throughout the process.

You will explore the importance of hiring an immigration lawyer for your case and address common questions and misconceptions surrounding immigration processes.

Learn About The Advantages And Benefits You Can Receive By Hiring An Immigration Lawyer For Your U.S. Immigration Case

Lawyers Help You With The Complex Immigration Laws

Immigration law is highly intricate, requiring a deep understanding of its nuances and constant updates. Laws change frequently, and a single misstep or lack of knowledge can significantly affect your case.

By hiring an immigration lawyer, you gain access to their experience and insights. They will ensure that your case is handled strategically and accurately from start to finish.

Whether you are seeking residency, citizenship, or resolving deportation cases, your lawyer will ensure to prepare everything. This can help you gather all the necessary paperwork correctly and prevent errors. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law can also provide a practical approach to your case.

Immigration Lawyers Provide Personalized Approach For Each Case

It is essential to recognize that each immigration case is unique. Relying on someone else’s experience or assuming that your situation mirrors that of others can lead to costly mistakes.

A person’s history, relationship, marriage, or divorce can significantly impact your case’s processing time and outcome. Incidents involving law enforcement may also influence it.

Every individual’s circumstances are distinct and require careful consideration.  Comparing your case to others’ cases without seeking legal guidance can be misleading and potentially detrimental.

By consulting an immigration lawyer, you can ensure that someone will evaluate your specific situation. This will help you identify potential risks or challenges and devise an effective strategy for simple or complex cases.

Legal Representation Is Important For Simple Cases

Even seemingly straightforward immigration cases, such as renewing DACA or Green Cards, can benefit from the guidance of an immigration lawyer. While some individuals may feel confident handling these cases independently, it is always best to consult with an attorney.

Lawyers ensure that you know the potential risks, understand the reality of your case, and make informed decisions. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law can provide free consultations. This will allow you to explore your options while preventing costly mistakes.

Not Having A Lawyer May Risk You To Legal Mistakes

Regarding immigration proceedings, one wrong step can have far-reaching consequences. It is crucial to approach the process cautiously and seek guidance to avoid costly mistakes.

One common scenario involves individuals who qualify for an adjustment of status based on a family-based process. Instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to submit their case within the country, they mistakenly initiate a Consular Process.

This decision leads to unnecessary expenses and wasted time as their case is submitted to the National Visa Center or requires a waiver. Sometimes, individuals even make the grave error of leaving the country for a consulate appointment abroad. A lawyer can help them adjust their status while remaining in the United States.

Another significant risk arises when individuals submit their cases without considering potential complications based on their personal history. Certain factors in a person’s background may make it risky for them to register with immigration.

Some individuals proceed without legal counsel and have their immigration cases denied by the authorities. Consequently, they find themselves involved in a complex process within the immigration court system. This can be a highly stressful and challenging situation to navigate without the assistance of an experienced immigration lawyer.

These examples serve as cautionary tales, highlighting the need for legal guidance when dealing with immigration matters. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law lawyers have the experience to assess individual circumstances. They can also provide essential services such as case evaluation, strategy development, and meticulous documentation preparation.

Lawyers understand the intricacies of the immigration process and stay up-to-date with evolving laws. They can provide the most relevant and accurate advice based on your unique situation and address past immigration issues.

Lawyers Can Address Deportation & Previous Immigration Issues

For individuals who have experienced the distressing ordeal of deportation, reentering the immigration process can be intimidating.

Understandably, many individuals are hesitant and fearful about starting a new case due to their past deportation. However, there are avenues available to rectify immigration status, even in the presence of a deportation record.

When faced with a previous deportation, consult with an immigration lawyer who can assess your specific circumstances. They can guide the most suitable course of action.

Avenues For Fixing Immigration Status

There are various types of deportations, including voluntary departures, orders from immigration judges, or decisions made by immigration officers. The kind of deportation you experience is significant in determining your eligibility for certain immigration benefits.

In some cases, individuals with deportation records can still proceed with their immigration cases. Specific humanitarian programs provide avenues for victims of crimes. This includes human trafficking, domestic violence (VAWA), and some forms of asylum to rectify their immigration status.

For example, the U Visa offers protection to victims of human trafficking. In contrast, the T Visa is available for individuals who have been victims of domestic violence under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

These programs recognize the need for compassion and allow individuals who have endured challenges to obtain legal status.

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law can thoroughly evaluate your case and advise you on the most appropriate path forward. They can determine your qualification for immigration benefits by delving into the specifics of your deportation and your circumstances.

It is essential to understand that a previous deportation does not automatically disqualify you from pursuing an immigration benefit. Lawyers consider every situation, considering the specific circumstances and the type of deportation involved.

Immigration lawyers can alleviate the fear and uncertainty associated with previous deportation. They have the knowledge and experience to assess your situation, explore potential avenues for relief, and guide you through the process.

Everyone can move forward in their immigration journey, regardless of their deportation history. Seeking legal advice is crucial to fully understand your rights and the best strategies to pursue in cases of denials.

Immigration Lawyers Can Respond To A Denied Green Card Application

Receiving a denial for your Green Card application can be disheartening and raise questions about your immigration prospects. However, an unfavorable decision does not necessarily mean the end of the road. There are avenues available to address the denial and reapply for a Green Card.

Awarded Immigration Lawyer Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch Of Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm

When the USCIS denies your Green Card application, it is crucial to understand the specific reason behind the denial. You can identify deficiencies or gaps in your application by thoroughly reviewing the grounds for the adverse decision.

Sometimes, a lack of evidence may have led to the denial. This means that you will need to better prepare for a subsequent application. Ensure you provide all necessary documentation to support your eligibility for a Green Card.

Moreover, depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be more beneficial to appeal the denial rather than start the process anew. By demanding the decision, you can maintain certain benefits. This may include work permits or other eligibility forms while the appeal is pending.

Consulting with an immigration lawyer can be invaluable during this process. They can guide you on the best approach to address the issues raised in the initial denial. Your lawyer will also ensure you present a stronger case the second time.

Remember that there is no fixed waiting period after a denial before you can reapply. However, it is crucial to thoroughly address the issues that led to the rejection before submitting a new application. Rushing into a new application must address the underlying concerns to avoid another denial and further setbacks.

Lawyers Can Provide Timely Action For Detained Individuals

If the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) detains you or a family member, time is of the essence. Acting swiftly and seeking legal assistance is crucial in these situations.

Although the individual may have a criminal defense lawyer and a bail bond, it’s critical to take prompt action when in immigration custody. Once in immigration custody, individuals face the risk of deportation, which can occur within days.

It is crucial to engage the services of an immigration lawyer to protect their rights, status, and time in the United States. A lawyer can request a defense and a bond for the detained individual while they are in the detention center.

In these critical moments, communication with the family becomes vital. Lawyers will contact the family after the arrest to gather essential information.

By doing these, immigration lawyers can assess the situation comprehensively. They can determine the most effective strategies to protect the person’s status and secure their release.


The immigration process is complex, and the laws are subject to frequent changes. It is essential to seek the guidance of an immigration lawyer to navigate this intricate landscape successfully. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your case, legal representation ensures that you make informed decisions.

You can also avoid costly mistakes and improve your chances of a favorable outcome with their help. Consult with an immigration lawyer early in the process, consider your unique circumstances, and approach your case strategically. With their assistance, you can navigate the challenges of the immigration system with confidence.

If you have additional questions about your specific case, you may contact us at (855) 502-0555. After a brief 10-minute evaluation of your case over the phone, we will let you know what options you have. You can also follow us on our social networks so you don’t miss our weekly broadcasts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

About the Author: Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch

I am the managing partner of Lincoln-Goldfinch Law. Upon graduating from the University of Texas for college and law school, I received an Equal Justice Works Fellowship in 2008, completed at American Gateways. My project served the detained families seeking asylum. After my fellowship, I entered private immigration practice. My firm offers family-based immigration, such as greencards and naturalization, deportation defense, and humanitarian cases such as asylum, U Visa, and VAWA. Everyone at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is bilingual, has a connection to our cause, and has demonstrated a history of activism for immigrants. To us, our work is not just a job. After the pandemic we began offering bankruptcy services in addition to immigration I realized how much lack of information there is in financial literacy resources in Spanish.

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