What Tasks Does A Customer Service Specialist Perform?

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What Tasks Does A Customer Service Specialist Perform?

To answer what tasks a customer service specialist performs, you must look at their basic day-to-day activities. This position in a law firm has piqued the curiosity of many. Most people don’t even know that the said position exists.

When maintaining a firm, it’s essential to remember how the clients feel. It’s more important than how much revenue you’re generating per month. That way, people will leave you with good reviews and even recommend you to others. But the question is, how do you keep them trusting your service? How do you get them to come back again? That’s where customer service enters the play.

Receive Comprehensive Assistance From A Customer Service Specialist At An Immigration Law Practice Throughout Your Immigration Case

What Tasks Does A Customer Service Specialist Perform?

You can keep clients from coming back to you by developing trust. That’s the first and primary task of a customer service specialist. It would be best to build trust by creating that connection between the legal team and the client. It’s not just about the lawyer and the client; instead, the whole firm.

These specialists also have a team, a client care team. It includes supervisors, pillars, and support who are always on the phone to talk to customers. This team is responsible for the happenings behind the doors of a law firm. They work on opening a case and taking care of it until it reaches an attorney.

The Day-To-Day Activities Of  A Customer Service Specialist

The most important thing a customer service agent does daily is take care of the clients. They must listen to you because they are their first contact person throughout your process. Aside from that, they offer you peace of mind, so you know you are being taken care of. Or that even though they are not lawyers, they are the first person to give you information about your case. They’re there to listen to your concerns and convey those messages to the lawyer and legal assistants.

It’s essential for clients to trust their agents because they exist to take care of them. Generally, most day-to-day activities specialists include listening to the client on the phone. It also includes reviewing documents and answering emails and text messages. But the most important thing is that you create and have that direct communication with the prospect.

It’s also important to note that customer representatives directly contact their in-house lawyers. This is because most clients who reach out have that doubt just because they are unfamiliar with that position in a law firm.

Customer Supports Undergo Training

Most callers doubt whether the customer support specialists are honestly advising them. It’s understandable because requiring an immigration process is complicated and stressful. But clients need to know that people who answer their calls also undergo training about immigration.

That’s why they know how complicated these cases are and how to handle them. It takes time, money, and a long process. Customer service agents know all these, and that’s the reason why attending to them also means giving emotional support.

Aspiring immigrants seek emotional support at the same time as hiring an immigration lawyer. But before they can head directly to a lawyer, they must first talk to that firm’s customer support.

Once their information is ready, their case will then be forwarded to a legal representative. The primary reason is that lawyers are always busy handling various cases and attending courts. So, as the first point of contact, there are the customer representatives.

Giving Emotional Support To The Client

Imagine there’s an asylum or an immigration process that the client has been waiting for months or years. They keep on waiting and don’t know the process, so they call you. That’s where you can come in to support the client emotionally.

Aside from attending to calls, emails, and texts, specialists also support the clients emotionally. It’s more of empathy. As customer support, you need to be very empathetic and always put yourself in the client’s shoes.

Likewise, it’s quality over quantity. For instance, you may have three calls at the same time. But you must always give special attention to each one because they are people. You understand that each person has a different case, and their situation is just as important.

All humans go through challenging situations, and you must dedicate emotion and feelings to that client. That way, they feel they’re equally important. Likewise, working in customer support is not about selling a case. It’s about changing a life.

Answering Questions As Quickly As Possible

Lawyers are always busy handling cases, going to court, and reviewing situations in a law firm. That’s why the customer care team provides guidance or direct reviews to people who want to discuss their cases. Customer support specialists are experts in customer service. They answer questions and provide clients with support to develop a case.

Moreover, as an agent, you must create a link between the client and the lawyer. Plus, you also support the legal team with their tasks. You are the first contact after your consultation and someone you can call immediately if you need anything.

If a client sends an email, the agent answers questions as quickly as possible. Law firms have internal policies where customer support needs to respond to clients promptly.

This way, they know that the team received the message. However, it’s not always within a couple of minutes because sometimes it can take up to hours before giving a response.

But the great thing about the client care team is the support from the beginning until the end of an application or case.

Customer Service Of A Law Firm

Since most people do not know that law firms have customer representatives, here’s what they do. Most law firms offer customer service to obtain basic information from the client and inform the client of their options. 

They also give information about the development of a case. The whole client care team also forecasts and anticipates the client’s needs and contacts the more accessible lawyer. Plus, talking to an agent is not going to be a game of telephone. They offer emotional support, peace of mind, and confidence that a client needs, especially when they feel at a loss.

Meetings With The Legal Team

Meetings with the legal team are essential. But the biggest deal is that everybody must attend the meeting. Sometimes, specialists can’t attend quickly due to a case. Or the lawyers are only available through chat or email. But the main goal here is direct communication and being able to talk about each particular case.

The most important thing about meetings is reviewing what is most urgent and new. It’s also about finding what we can talk about and how to solve a situation. There are several meetings every week, and it’s all important. This is how customer agents communicate with their paralegals and lawyers to know how to handle cases.

What’s The Most Important Part Of  Being A Customer Service Specialist?

Benefit From Complete Support Offered By A Customer Service Specialist At An Immigration Law Firm During Your Immigration Proceedings

One of the most important skills of a customer service specialist is paying attention to detail. You need to truly listen to the clients and what they are saying. Every detail is important because it can impact the resolution of their case. It’s all about paying attention, not forgetting messages, and communicating clearly with the lawyers and legal assistants.

Deal With A Legal Professional For Immigration Concerns

Regarding immigration issues or concerns, do not go with anyone who offers you a document. Make sure you deal with a legal professional who cares about you as a client and generates confidence in you.

If a customer service specialist first talked to you instead of a lawyer, trust them. Talk to them and open your case truthfully to them. As said earlier, they are your first point of contact. Rest assured that your messages and concerns will be forwarded to legists.

Every client is valuable for customer support, and they take care of them like a plant. They provide everyone with information and remove any doubts and fears about their immigration process. They help customers grow and flourish, celebrating with them when they have successfully completed cases.


If you have questions about legal matters, don’t hesitate to call, text, or email a law firm. If you have immigration concerns, an agency has a specified team ready to answer your queries.

They are customer service specialists, and they are knowledgeable in handling client-related concerns. They might not be a lawyer, but they exist to rely on your messages on their paralegal and attorneys as quickly as possible.

If you have additional questions about our customer service specialists, immigration case, or your specific case, you may contact us at (855) 502-0555. After a brief 10-minute evaluation of your case over the phone, we will let you know what options you have. You can also follow us on our social networks so you don’t miss our weekly broadcasts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

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