Green Card 2017

by on January 27, 2017 in Blog, English

First green card of the year brings us sunny feelings amidst this challenging time. We are still with you. A pesar de estos tiempos difíciles, seguimos luchando. Felicidades a esta pareja! Estamos contigo. Call Austin Immigration Attorney, Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch for help with your immigration case today! (855) 502-0555


PETITION: Immigrant Mother Affected by ICE Raid Suffering Seizures - Help get her released!

An immigrant mother who has been affected by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportation raids earlier this month has suffered three seizures at the Dilley Center since her detainment in a raid that took place in Atlanta. This mother's health continued to deteriorate as demonstrated by the fourth seizure she suffered yesterday afternoon. Immigrant families...


It's Time To Be Heard Again!

by on December 2, 2015 in Blog, English

Tell Texas: Detention centers are not child care facilities! On November 20, 2015, state District Judge Karin Crump of Travis County ruled that Texas may not claim an "emergency" to expedite the licensing of two private detention centers holding immigrant families. This move was an attempted workaround to a federal district judge's ruling in July that...


Released Immigrant Families May Soon Relocate To An Area Near You. Can You Help?

ASISTA is an organization dedicated to helping immigrant families that have survived domestic violence and sexual assault. Through education and counseling programs, ASISTA provides technical assistance for advocates and attorneys who face tremendous obstacles when dealing with immigration law. "Immigrants are entitled to justice, including in the areas of domestic abuse or sexual assault. All...