I was born and raised in Mexico, and grew up on the border between Juarez – El Paso. I have a Bachelor’s degree from Mexico and a Master’s degree from the USA. My professional career has been in the public and private sector, serving an array of industries, with a unique multicultural outlook gained through education and over 20 years of administrative and management experience.
One of my favorite quotes is “Whoever does not live to serve, does not serve to live”, from Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Being able to help a person is very rewarding; so, helping people to be happy makes me happy too!!

When I was working for the Consulate General of Mexico, in the Department of Protection and Legal Affairs, one of my principal goals was to guide the immigrant community in different areas such as labor, business, civil, criminal, and immigration. So, visited county jails, state prisons, federal correctional institutions, hospitals, attended community outreach events, and served as a liaison between government agencies and local authorities in Mexico and the U.S.A. These activities help me to comprehend all the difficulties the immigrant community must go through, and I realize I could apply my educational and professional background to help them achieve their goals in their new home.

I met Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch in 2015, and have witnessed all her service work, and recognized the positive impact of her ethical & professional work in the community. I realized it was a perfect fit with my background and interests; so, I joined the Lincoln-Goldfinch Law as a Management Consultant. By overseeing the firm's day-to-day operations, we look forward to keeping improving the firm’s operations and growth. Therefore, we can increase the firm’s impact in the community, and bring peace to immigrant families.