A Brief Details Of Northwest Hills

The Northwest Hills is on the Balcone escarpment overlooking the Colorado River and was mainly settled back in the 1950s and 1960s.

The neighborhood is home to a large Jewish population and houses a number of synagogues, schools, and other community organizations.

There is now a good road system connecting residents to the city of Austin.


Northwest Hills is located northwest of Austin, and its main street is called Far West Boulevard. It has a really big commercial heartland between Mopac and Mesa Drive, and there you will find businesses, restaurants, stores, and offices.


Lovely homes have been built in Northwest Hills and feature Californian ranch style and Texas Tuscan Villas, a common design is in brick and limestone with lovely landscaped gardens. The residents are highly involved in their community, and it would appear to be an upmarket demographic. There is also a number of students living in the area usually in condominiums and apartment complexes. This enables them to easily commute to their University.


there are also a number of Christian Churches in the area. Every year the Civic Society hosts a Fourth of July Parade, and over 2,000 residents participate. It gets bigger, with a band, dancers, antique transport, pets, fire trucks, and various other participants marching along the streets.

Since the settlement of the area by David Barrow in about 1950, the area has come a long way, and he did a lot to establish the area and plan the streets for better traffic access and egress, most people drive to work.


There is good local employment, especially for businesses in the commercial area. The road system allows for a quick commute to Austin for those who work there.

Northwest Hills is a unique development and has access to the Missouri Pacific Railroad and Airport Boulevard.

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