Neill-Cochran House Museum

Neill-Cochran House Museum is one of Austin’s most important antebellum homes. It is located at 2310 San Gabriel St, Austin, TX 78705. It was designed by the builder Abner Cook, who was also known as the Master Builder of Austin. It was constructed on 18 acres of land northwest of Austin. The house was originally intended as a residence but was eventually converted into a Federal War hospital for the Civil War. It was also used as the temporary home of the Texas Institute for the Blind. In 1895, Judge Thomas Beauford Cochran purchased the home. He then modernized it.

Today, Neill-Cochran House is one of the oldest extant buildings in the City of Austin. It is the only antebellum-styled structure remaining in the city. As such, it is one of the few such homes that are open to the public. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is owned by the National Society of Colonial Dames of America.

The Neill-Cochran House Museum tells the story of Austin, from its beginnings to its future. Its mission is to provide an understanding of the past through the stories of the people who lived in the home. The museum offers exhibits and hands-on experiences. The museum also hosts speakers and other special events. In addition, the Neill-Cochran House Museum is part of the NSCDA’s Museum Alliance. This organization designs curricula for visiting students and helps preserve the historical home.

Aside from displaying the home’s interior, the Neill-Cochran House Museum also features a beautiful garden. This garden contains a pecan tree that is almost 150 years old. The museum has a balcony that overlooks the garden. In addition, the Neill-Cochran house has a front lawn and a side lawn that are ideal for wedding ceremonies and receptions. If you are planning a large corporate event, you should contact a professional event planner. The Neill-Cochran House Museum will gladly work with you to ensure that your event is successful.

Neill-Cochran House Museum is also an ideal wedding venue in Austin, Texas. It is a beautiful, private location that has a terrace, gardens, and a grand staircase. It is a lovely location for wedding ceremonies, engagement photos, and bridal portraits. In addition, the Neill-Cochran Museum has two private dressing rooms and a parlor that is perfect for intimate gatherings. The museum’s outdoor space is suitable for an outdoor reception for up to 200 guests. It is also an excellent place for a white tent reception.

The Neill-Cochran house has benefited from a recent renovation project, which is restoring the exterior to its original splendor. The house is decorated with walnut furniture from the 1870s. It is also equipped with AV capabilities. The museum offers monthly special events and hands-on activities for children and adults. There are also free Easter egg dyeing and lawn games.

The Neill-Cochran museum is one of the few antebellum houses in the city of Austin. It is located just a few blocks west of the University of Texas campus. It has survived the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the growth of the University of Texas area. It is a great resource for visitors to learn more about the history of the region.

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