Mexic-Arte Museum

Located on Congress Avenue in Austin, the Mexic-Arte Museum is one of the few Mexican art museums in the United States. It was founded in 1984 by a group of artists in Austin. The collection was born from a desire to share the richness of Mexican art with the community. The museum offers a variety of art and cultural programs. Call your friends and family to visit this destination at 419 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701.

The Mexic-Arte Museum has a Permanent Collection of over 900 works of Latin American art. The museum has also developed a print collection that includes historic and contemporary works by Latin artists. The museum has also acquired a design-oriented collectible pop culture item collection.

The Mexic-Arte museum is committed to supporting the cultural arts in the Austin community and Texas. The museum has a rotating mural program that features the work of Latin artists. They have also established an Artist in Residence Education Program that works to bring the richness of Mexican culture and art to youth in the local community. 

The museum is also in the process of dramatically expanding its resources and facilities soon. The museum has a large variety of programming for the public to enjoy, including an annual Day of the Dead Festival. The festival is a unique opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate Mexican culture and tradition.

The Mexic-Arte will be hosting the longest-running festival of its kind in the state. The festival features entertainment, educational programs, and other activities. It will also feature Latino/Tejano and national artists. In addition, the Mexic-Arte will have a special explanatory altar to honor Jose Guadalupe Posada, a famous Mexican political cartoonist.

Mexic-Arte Museum will be exhibiting a collection of works from their Permanent Collection, which includes historical and contemporary Latin American art. The museum will also display several vintage Calavera prints. They will also be exhibiting an exhibit of works from the Serie Project, which is a series of silkscreen prints by several artists. Other featured artists include Socorro Diamondstein, Mark Clark, Richard Armendariz, Romy Saenz Hawkins, and Benito Huerta.

The Mexic-Arte also hosts the Young Latino Artists Exhibition, an annual event that is highly anticipated annual event. This is a professional experience for artists and offers a unique opportunity for the Austin community to see contemporary Latinx art. This year, Mexic-Arte will be exhibiting the work of Yocelyn Riojas, a multi-disciplinary artist. The exhibit will also be accompanied by a video installation inspired by the works of Jose Guadalupe Posada.

The Mexic-Arte has a vibrant history and is a place where you can learn about Mexican art, history, and culture. The Museum is one of the most prominent art institutions in the region. The museum has multiple ratings and reviews. The Mexic-Arte is open Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm and Sat 9 am-4 pm. Its website is available at

The Mexic-Arte is also a member of the Changarrito Artist Residency Program, which is a program that displays works of art throughout Austin. The program will feature artists from the Mexic-Arte Museum as well as other local artists.

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