Lakeway, TX

The City of Lakeway  is located on the south shore of Lake Travis. This area is beautiful and very popular for its scenery. Lakeway is considered a resort community roughly 25 miles to the west of Austin. It has all the upscale amenities that can be expected in a city of its caliber. Complete with rolling golf courses, active tennis courts, busy marinas, a private airport and many more, the city is considered one of the best small cities in the area.


Lakeway, Texas is rich in history. The land in the surrounding areas are known to offer relics of ancient times. A couple found a curious indentation on their property line that turned out to be a dinosaur print. Among the other things discovered in the area are the remains of a prehistoric woman, a mastodon skeleton, and various forms of ancient marine flora and fauna. This was from a time when the Texas hills were under a shallow ocean millions of years ago.

From more recent history, relics of local Indians who lived in the Lakeway area before colonists came to settle, have been found. Campfire residue, weapons and tools made of flint, and other remnants of daily life can still be found all over. These campsites are called Indian mounds and there are lots of them all over the Lakeway area.

The beautiful and enticing ambiance of the area attracted Indians and settlers alike to this exquisite land teeming with wildlife and freshwater.

Parks & Recreation

Modern day Lakeway City started out as a retirement and vacation home community. However, more and more families have become enamored with the relaxed lake lifestyle. The city has award-winning parks that people wish to be close to.

Lakeway City Park

The Lakeway City Park is located at 502 Hurst Creek Road, Lakeway. It is composed of gorgeous, well-maintained parklands with various activities available. The park itself does not charge for admission however, the upper level pavilion and picnic tables are for rent.

There is a multi-purpose field for public use but may be reserved for sports practices. Sports enthusiasts enjoy playing baseball, basketball, and beach volleyball on the field. Those that prefer peaceful nature walks love to go through the Butterfly Garden and the Wildflower Meadow. There are 2 miles of trails that hikers and rollerbladers enjoy. Water activities like canoeing, kayaking, and swimming are available on Lake Travis. Children enjoy the playscapes while adults grill hotdogs and burgers nearby. The family’s furry members need not be left behind as the dog park is a great place for them to have fun as well.

The Canyonlands

Breathtaking scenery can be enjoyed from the rim of the canyons or down the canyon trails. People enjoy walking through the trails while others prefer to go on mountain bikes.

Other Parks

Other parks that residents of Lakeway CIty include the following:

  • Dragon Park
  • Porpoise Park
  • Lakeway Boulevard Linear Park
  • Lakeway Swim Center Park
  • Heritage Center Park
  • Skate Park

Other Amenities

Lakeway Resort & Spa

Residents looking to get away from the day do day can go visit the Texas Hill Country resort. It provides a full-service spa and three swimming pools. Kids love the waterslide. Enjoy excellent food and cocktails at the  restaurant that has a gorgeous view of Lake Travis.

Austin Salt Cave

The area is full of natural caverns and the Austin Salt Cave is filled with pink Himalayan salt where visitors relax, taking in the salt cave vibes.

Outdoor Movies

Lakeway is known for its temperate weather. Proof of this are the outdoor movie places where movie-goers enjoy nice evenings. Movies At The Park and Dive-In Movies are Lakeway’s go-to outdoor movie destinations.


The food scene in Lakeway is jumping. There are tons of places to choose from that offer a wide variety of food. Here are some of the more popular restaurants in Lakeway:

  • The Oasis – known as the Sunset Capital of Texas, it is the largest outdoor restaurant in the state. It overlooks Lake Travis and can accommodate parties of up to 2,500. Along with the gorgeous view is fantastic food that diners keep coming back for.
  • Emerald Point Bar & Grill – Located at Emerald Point Marina on Lake Travis’ south shore, the restaurant is accessible by car and boat. Imagine being out on the lake, boating and having fun during the day, then come in and dock straight on Emerald Point Bar & Grill’s customer dock. ORder from their delectable menu and enjoy the live band playing on the outdoor stage. Nothing could be more chill than that.
  • Steiner Ranch Steakhouse – the restaurant offers authentic rodeo and ranching feels while serving extraordinary food and excellent wine to guests. They have general seating and private areas for those that would like to enjoy their food in privacy.

There are so many other restaurants offering all sorts of food in the Lakeway area with a lot of them offering beautiful lake views.

Lakeway, Texas is a vibrant upscale community brought closer together by the residents’ shared love of the beautiful hillside and lakeside views, near-perfect climate, and rich history and culture of the city.

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