Cathedral Of Junk

Cathedral Of Junk: A Unique Austin Landmark

Located in south Austin, Texas, the Cathedral of Junk is a giant sculpture made from over 60 tons of recycled materials. It is situated at 4422 Lareina Dr, Austin, TX 78745. This backyard art project was built by a local artist, Vince Hannemann. This artist has been sculpting for over 30 years, and is known as the “Junk King.”

Unique Art Installation By Vince Hannemann

The Cathedral of Junk is an open-air structure that was constructed by Vince Hannemann, a local artist. The Cathedral of Junk began as a backyard hobby, but soon became a popular destination for families, tourists, and even wedding parties. The structure is constructed from a mixture of old items such as bicycle parts, car bumpers, and circuit boards. Some of the objects are made from glass bricks, ceramic tiles, and metal box springs.

A Must-See Attraction in Austin

The cathedral is free to visit, although the entrance fee is suggested at $5 per adult. Visitors can donate if they wish. The cathedral is also a great place for teens and older children to have a fun, unique experience. There are several rooms in the cathedral that visitors can explore, and there are stairs that can be climbed. There is also a throne room and observation platforms.

The cathedral is made from a variety of different types of materials and includes pieces of the former three-story tower that used to be in the backyard. Some of the materials are ephemeral, meaning they will only last for a short time. Examples of ephemeral material include used school report cards, rotary phones, and theater tickets.

The cathedral is also home to a large family of squirrels. The squirrels are fun and add a different dimension to the cathedral. They run around, jump, and rummage in the yard. There are also cd wind chimes that are set off when the squirrels jump from tree to surfboard.

The Cathedral of Junk is a work in progress and is constantly being expanded and improved. It is also available to rent for special events. The Cathedral of Junk is free to visit, but a small donation is recommended to help with maintenance and upkeep.

Architectural Features Of The Cathedral Of Junk

The cathedral is located on Lareina Drive in south Austin, Texas. The cathedral has a raised ceiling, which makes the inside of the cathedral feel larger. It also has a second level, with a throne room, a bathroom, and stairways. The cathedral also has road signs, bells, and a loudspeaker.

The Cathedral of Junk is rumored to be one of the last surviving pieces of Austin’s “Keep Austin Weird” culture. The cathedral was named after Vince’s mother, but it was never a planned creation. In fact, Vince didn’t even intend to create the cathedral in Austin. However, word of the cathedral spread, and a neighbor complained. The city responded by trying to shut down the cathedral. In the end, it was declared safe.

Community Efforts & Challenges

As a result of the controversy surrounding the Cathedral of Junk, the city has tried to fortify the structure. In the meantime, Cathedral of Junk fans have been working to bring the Cathedral back to code.

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