Bullock Texas State History Museum

Bullock Museum in Austin TX is located at 1800-North Congress Avenue. The history museum is run by the State Preservation Board, which also runs the state Capitol, Texas State Cemetery, the Governor’s Mansion, and the Capitol Visitors Center.

Brief History

Bullock Museum in Austin TX gets its name from the 38th Governor of Texas, Bob Bullock, who spearheaded the preservation of Texas history. Bob Bullock is also responsible for creating the museum and preceded over the groundbreaking ceremony in April 1999. Unfortunately, he passed on before the museum was officially opened.


Bullock Museum hosts many events throughout the year. The most notable events and programs include World Refugee Day, Spooktacular, American-Indian Heritage Day. The museum hosts social gatherings, lectures, shows, discussions, film screening, preschool programs, and seasonal family events every summer and spring break.


Bullock Museum built a new gallery in 2018 known as Becoming Texas. The gallery explores thousands of years (16,000+ years) of Texas history, starting with the earliest known human creations in the Americas. For instance, the museum is home to the projectile point that was discovered at Gault archeological site located 40 miles north of Austin TX.

The museum’s exhibition also explores early American Indians that lived and cultivated the area before the European arrived. Other matters explored by Bullock Museum include European ambitions and global politics that shaped how Texas developed.

There are sections in the museum for culture, land, and technology crucial to Texas. For instance, there are sections dedicated to oil, ranching, civil rights, space exploration, science as well as music, and sports.

Bullock Museum’s theatre dubbed Austin City Limits showcases many musical performance clips dating back to long-running TV shows based in Austin. There’s a lot to enjoy at the museum, from learning about the people who established trade networks to viewing tools, imagery, and jewelry representing the diverse culture of American Indian civilizations.

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