Brentwood In Brief

Brentwood is six miles north of downtown Austin. It is inside of the 78756 and 78757 zip codes.

Woodrow Avenue runs north to south through the middle of Brentwood. Koenig Lane is a major east-west thoroughfare.

West 45th Street is the southern edge of the subdivision. The Triangle State neighborhood is south of Brentwood. Justin Lane is the northern edge of the subdivision.

Lamar Boulevard is the eastern edge of the subdivision. Arroyo Seco runs through the middle of the neighborhood nearly parallel to Woodrow Avenue.

Burnet Road is the western edge of the neighborhood. There are relatively few parks in this area, but the Sunshine Community Gardens are next to the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin.

Reilly Elementary School is just outside of the neighborhood’s boundaries. Brentwood Neighborhood Park is at the northern edge of the subdivision. Lamar Middle School sits on the western side of Burnet Road.

Most students are assigned to Brentwood Elementary School, though some go to Reilly Elementary School. A few go-to Bryker Woods Elementary School or Ridgetop Elementary School.

The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired sits at the southern edge of the subdivision. The Elsass Academy North Central campus is located off Houston Street. There is a Freethought Library on Koenig Avenue.

The area has good public transit. There are bus routes along Woodrow Avenue, Koenig Lane, and Grover Avenue. The Grover Avenue bus stops are in front of the Texas Department of State Health Services, the Robert Moreton Building, and the WIC distribution center.

The Brentwood neighborhood has a large number of apartments and townhomes as well as some older single-family homes. The median home price is a little over 600K, but that figure includes post WW2 bungalows and luxury townhomes.

Two-thirds of residents rent their home. That’s why the area gets a C plus for housing costs from It received a B minus for crime and safety. But it gets an A plus for both night life and its public schools, a rare combination.

That’s why the area is home to more than eleven thousand people. Residents are close to facilities like the North Austin Pony Field, BASIS Austin Primary, and Stepping Stone School Allendale campus.

The Brentwood area is so large that it is sometimes broken down into Abercombie, Violet Crown, and Broadacres. The Broadacres is centered around McCallum Park. Abercrombie contains Brentwood Park and Brentwood Elementary School.

The southwestern corner is called Brentwood. McCallum High School is next to McCallum Park. On the other hand, some people include Rosedale in the Brentwood area.

But Lamar Middle School is always outside the neighborhood’s boundaries. And the Northwest Recreation Center are located to the west on Allandale.

The neighborhood of Allandale sits between Brentwood and the North Mopac Expressway. Koenig Lane turns into Allendale Road once it enters Rosedale before turning into Northland Drive before it hits Mopac. West 45th also intersects with Mopac.

You otherwise have to go north on Burnet Road to Anderson Lane to reach the Mopac. If you take Anderson Lane east, you’ll reach Highway 183.

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