If you’re looking for a peaceful and family-friendly neighborhood in Austin, Brentwood may be the perfect location for you. Situated just six miles north of downtown Austin, Brentwood is a quaint and charming community. 

Brentwood’s Convenient Location

One of the defining features of Brentwood is Woodrow Avenue, which runs through the center of the neighborhood from north to south. Whereas Koenig Lane’s thoroughfare runs east to west. 

These streets serve as a hub for local businesses and restaurants, giving residents easy access to everything they need without leaving their beloved neighborhood. With its convenient location and welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder why many people choose to call Brentwood home.

A Secure Suburban Neighborhood

The Brentwood neighborhood is the perfect location for people who want to have the best of both worlds. The area offers a peaceful, secure suburban community while still being close to the city center. It’s an ideal place for families and young professionals who want to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without sacrificing convenience.

Unique & Rich History

Brentwood is a charming community in Austin, Texas, established in the 1940s. The city was transformed from what once were cotton fields and dairy farms into a thriving residential neighborhood. Over the years, Brentwood has grown into a flourishing community with an excellent quality of life.

Lush Greenery

This charming community exudes both classic and trendy vibes. The lush green trees lining every street give the area an inviting and serene feel that residents have come to love. With roads lined by trees and housing options catering to all lifestyles, Brentwood is the perfect place for anyone looking to settle down in a peaceful yet vibrant neighborhood.

Community Involvement

Brentwood offers residents a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life while still being conveniently located to all that Austin offers. One of the highlights of living in Brentwood is the close-knit community and its emphasis on community involvement.

Homes In Brentwood

After World War II, many of the bungalow-style homes in this region were bought by GIs who had returned from service. These veterans sought affordable housing, and Brentwood offered an ideal location, close to downtown Austin with public transport.

The original homes in Brentwood were built in the 1940s and 1950s. These houses feature classic architectural elements such as hardwood floors, arched doorways, and cozy fireplaces. In recent years, many property owners have replaced these older homes with more modern designs featuring open floor plans and high-end finishes.

Because of this, Brentwood is known for its unique architecture, which combines traditional bungalow elements with modern design features. This mix of old and new adds to the character of Brentwood, making it an attractive option for those looking for diverse housing options. Some of these homes have been well-maintained and retain their original charm over the years.

Schools Within Brentwood

Brentwood Elementary School has been integral to the Austin community for years. Located in the heart of Brentwood, this school is known for its excellent academic programs and supportive teachers. With a diverse student body that reflects its community, Brentwood Elementary strives to provide students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in their future endeavors.

Another eye-catching feature of this community is its thriving education system, particularly Lamar Middle School. This institution has been serving the Brentwood area since 1948. It continues to provide top-notch education to students from grades six through eight. Lamar Middle School prides itself on academic excellence, outstanding faculty, and a supportive environment that fosters student growth.

McCallum High School is a highly regarded public school in the heart of the Brentwood neighborhood. The school is known for its rigorous academic programs and thriving extracurricular activities that cater to a diverse student body. Publications have named it one of the top-rated high schools in Texas.


The Brentwood neighborhood has much to offer. From its unique history and stunning architecture, it is an ideal place to live or visit. Not only does it have many amenities to enjoy, but the people of Brentwood are known for their hospitality, which makes it a great place to visit or live. Residents of the neighborhood can take pride in knowing they are part of a particular place with plenty to explore and appreciate.

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