Bremond Block

If you’re looking for a unique historical experience, the Bremond Block Historic District in Austin, Texas is the perfect place to visit. Located in East Austin, this area is considered one of the city’s most important examples of late nineteenth-century residential design. Visitors will find an abundance of architectural styles from Italianate to Victorian to Craftsman, all perfectly preserved from when they were first built.

History Of The District

The Bremond Block Historic District is one of downtown Austin, Texas’s most unique and charming areas. This historic district is a collection of eleven beautifully preserved homes constructed between the 1850s and 1910. 

The historic homes that make up the Bremond Block are some of the oldest buildings in Austin, and each has its unique story. These homes were built by some of Austin’s most prominent citizens during a time when downtown was rapidly expanding. Today, these homes serve as a reminder of how far Austin has come since its earliest days.

Since its inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970, the block has been regarded as one of Texas’s last intact examples of an upper-class residential neighborhood from the late 19th century. The streets are lined with quaint Victorian-style homes that have been lovingly maintained over the years.

Houses Of Bremond Block

The houses on Bremond Block are known for their intricate details and ornate designs. Each house has its unique style and character, with features like wraparound porches or grand entryways that add to their charm. Many of these homes feature wraparound porches, towering spires, and elaborately carved trim work that harken back to a time when craftsmanship was highly valued. 

Phillips-Bremond-Houston House

Built in 1855, the Phillips-Bremond-Houston House is a historic landmark in Bremond Block. First constructed for Dr. William C. Phillips, it remained his family residence until Eugene Bremond acquired it in 1866. The house was designed by architect Abner Cook, who also designed several other notable structures throughout Texas during this period. With its mix of Greek Revival and Italianate styles, the home has a unique appearance that draws visitors from all over to admire its beauty.

James T. Brown House

One of the earliest Bremond Block houses was the James T. Brown House, constructed in 1858. The James T. Brown House is a two-story Greek Revival-style home with a large front porch, fluted columns, and an ornate pediment above the entrance. The house has been preserved over the years. Its original features remain intact, including wooden shutters and cast iron railings.

John Bremond House

Constructed in 1886 by George Fiegel, the John Bremond House remains one of the most opulent homes on the famous Bremond Block. One of the most distinctive features of the John Bremond House is its intricate mansard roof. This architectural style was popular during the Victorian era. It is characterized by steeply sloping sides with dormer windows protruding from them. It also retains its original appearance with a wraparound porch and an elegant balcony made of cast iron.

Eugene Bremond House

Constructed in 1873 for Eugene Bremond, one of the family’s chiefs, this residence has stood as a reminder of the city’s rich history for well over a century. The house was initially built with just six rooms but was later expanded to its current size in just two years. The architectural style of the home is reflective of its era. It features traditional Victorian designs such as high-pitched roofs, tall windows, and intricate woodwork. Despite being more than a century old, the Eugene Bremond House remains one of the most impressive homes in Austin.

Pierre Bremond House

The Pierre Bremond House is the final structure in the Bremond Block to be erected. It remains a significant landmark in Austin’s history. This Late Victorian-style house boasts a double gallery and tower, characteristic features of the famous architectural style during its construction in 1898. The Pierre Bremond House still stands as a testament to Austin’s rich history and architectural heritage.


The Bremond Block Historic District in Austin is a must-see for anyone exploring the city’s history and culture. From the well-maintained homes to the beautiful landscaping, it’s no wonder why this area has been so highly regarded for over 150 years. Its historic charm and remarkable architecture offer an unbeatable experience for all kinds of travelers alike.

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