The Bremon Block Historic District

The Bremond Block is an impressive collection of 11 historic Victorian homes built in the 1850s to the early 1900s. The homes were built by high-society men John and Eugene Bremond, in one of the upper-class neighborhoods in Austin, Texas. They have been meticulously maintained and are now available for the public to view. The houses are part of the National Register of Historic Places and are now occupied by businesses. 

James T. Brown House

One of the first homes constructed in the Bremond Block, the James T. Brown House is a Greek Revival-style home.

John Bremond House

Built in 1886, it is the fanciest of the Bremond Block houses. The John Bremond House was built by George Fiegel. The beautiful two-story house has been perfectly maintained and is now owned by the Texas Classroom Teachers Association. 

Philips-Bremond-Houston House

The house was created by William C. Phillips. Eugene Bremond purchased it in 1866. A beautiful Greek Revival style, the house was owned by a Bremond family member up until 1969.

Pierre Bremond House

The Pierre Bremond House is a late Victorian-style home built in 1898 and is also owned by the Texas Classroom Teachers Association. 

Eugene Bremond House

Head of the Bremond family, Eugene Bremond, had the house built in 1873. Described as a classic Victorian with Southern influence, it has double columns with a large wraparound porch. 

North Flats – Howson House

Harvey and Catherine North had the house built in 1879. It was renovated in 2007 but the house has kept its original form.

Catherine Robinson House

The Catherine Robinson House was originally owned by Pauline Bremond Robinson. It took a long time to finish the house with construction started in 1860 and finally finished in 1891.

North Cottage

The cottage was built in 1879 by Harvey North which his wife Catherine inherited after he passed in 1881. It was built for the Norths’ daughter, Athalia. She was away in Europe for her studies when the house was constructed. Unfortunately, she died of pneumonia and never got to live in the house. It is currently serving as an apartment building. 

North-Evans Chateau

The Austin Women’s Club now owns the North-Evans Chateau. The house was sold to spouses Major and Ira Evans by the North family in the late 1800s. 

Walter Bremond House

This house was designed in the 19th century France Second Empire architectural style and finished in 1897.

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