Barton Springs Municipal Pool in Austin TX


Barton Springs Pool lies within Zilker Park’s expansive 358 acres. Barton Springs Municipal pool is 3-acres large and gets its water from underground springs whose temperature averages 68 to 70 degrees all year round. This makes the pool perfect for swimming all year round.

Barton Springs Pool has been a popular Austin TX attraction for decades. Regular locals all the way to legislators have been enjoying the waters of Barton Springs since the 1970s. The pool attracts diverse locals and foreign tourists who contribute to the over 800,000 visitors annually.

Brief History

The current Barton Springs Pool location was considered sacred ground long before the pool was built. The location served as a ritual purification ground used by native Americans who lived in the area. The journey to transform Barton Springs into what it is today began after 1837 when the Springs’ namesake, Barton, settled in the area. Barton and other subsequent property owners saw the value of Barton Springs as an attraction and promoted it.

The last owner – Andrew Zilker, gave the Springs to Austin TX, in 1918. In the 1920’s the pool was constructed into the largest swimming area by building sidewalks and damming the springs. The bathhouse was created in 1947.

Environmental Concerns

Barton Springs Municipal Pool has had its fair share of environmental issues. In the 1980s, the pool was momentarily closed after accumulating dangerous levels of E. Coli bacteria. High bacteria levels have always been a concern due to upstream development and heavy rains that periodically flush effluent into sources (like Edwards Aquifer) that feed the springs.

Environmental concerns surrounding Barton Springs Pool have resulted in local Austin TX political movements. Besides pollution, there are concerns of some endangered species that are found in Barton Springs Pool and neighboring environs becoming extinct.

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