Elegibility For A Green Card Through Employer In The U.S

If you don’t have an immediate family member who is a U.S citizen or resident, you may be interested in gaining permanent residency by getting a U.S-based employer to sponsor your Green Card application. Especially if you have a college degree or have multiple years of experience in a skilled job position. To learn about the eligibility criteria for an employer sponsored Visa and the application process which you’ll need to go through to obtain your Visa, to live and work in the United States, simply continue reading.

Eligibility For Obtaining A Green Card For Work Depends On The Category You Qualify For And What Requirements You Have


You Must Have A Serious Offer For A Full-Time Position

In order for your petition to be approved, you’ll need to have received a serious offer for a full-time position. In this instance, full-time refers to a minimum of 35 hours of work per week.

Your Job Must Be A Long-Term Position

You’ll only be eligible for residency through employment if the job that you have been offered is a long-term, permanent position. If you are offered a temporary job, such as a position which only lasts six months, you won’t be eligible for an employment based Green Card. More info.

Your Job Must Be Assessed As A Legitimate Job Opportunity

The officials who assess your application, will try to ascertain whether or not the job position which you’ve been offered is a legitimate job opportunity or a job which is just offered, as a way of bringing foreign nationals into the United States. For this reason, the job position which you’ve been offered must have been open to U.S citizens and residents as well as international applicants.

Instead, the job that you have been offered must be a real job that your potential employer is actually trying to fill. For example, your prospective employer may have offered you a position, which they have been struggling to fill, due to a shortage of skilled applicants in their industry, who are already based in the United States.

You Must Prove That You Are Suitably Skilled For The Position That You Are Being Offered To

If you are looking to file an EB-3 category Visa, you’ll need to have a bachelor’s level college degree in a related field. Although you only need a bachelor’s degree to apply for an EB-3 Green Card, your chances of having your application approved will be slightly higher if you have obtained a master’s degree or a doctorate. Alternatively, you can also qualify for an EB-3 Visa by proving that you have at least 2 years of relevant job experience or training. This regulation is to prove that you have the necessary skills and qualifications to thrive in your new job.

If you plan to apply for an EB-2 Visa, you’ll generally require an advanced degree such as a master’s degree or a doctorate degree as the competition for EB-2 Visas is highly competitive.

You Must Prove That You Plan To Continue Working For Your Employer For The Foreseeable Future

While there is no set period of time that you’ll have to continue working for the business that sponsored your Visa, you must convince your assessors that you genuinely plan to work for your chosen employer, once you are granted your Visa. This is in order to weed out applicants, who plan to quit their new job, a few months after arriving in the United States and receiving their Green Card.

Your Sponsor Must Be Able To Prove That They Can Page Your Wages

Your sponsor will be required to prove that their business can afford to pay your wages, for the foreseeable future.

Residency Requirements For Doctors

If you’re an experienced doctor, who is willing to work in a clinical practice for a set duration of five years, you’ll be able to apply for a special E-B2 Visa. Keep in mind that you’ll be required to work in the primary care sector. For example, you will be able to petition for residency as a highly qualified general practitioner, pediatrician, psychiatrist, or gynecologist. You can also apply for an E-B2 Visa as a specialty physician.

However, there is a catch: to apply for an EB-2 Green Card you must be willing to work in an area where there is a shortage of medical professionals for a minimum of 5 years.

Visas For Your Immediate Family Members

If you are married and have dependent children, your spouse and children may also qualify for a Green Card, through your employer sponsored Visa. In most cases, your spouse and any children that you have who are under the age of 21 will also be given Visas. So if you want to start a new life in the United States with your family, make sure to apply for Visas for your spouse and each of your dependent children. If you plan to apply for a Visa for your spouse, you’ll need to include a copy of your marriage certificate with your application.

Information That You Will Be Required To Provide

In order to apply for an employer sponsored Visa, you’ll need to gather copies of your diplomas and degrees as well as verified transcripts of your college results, letters of reference from your previous employers, your resume or CV, a copy of your birth certificate, and a copy of the biographic page of your current passport.

Information That Your Sponsor Must Provide

Information that your chosen sponsor must provide includes a copy of your new employer’s tax returns, the job description they posted when they advertised your position, and the copies of the newspaper ads for your position which they published.


If you are a foreign national who has been offered a position in the United States through a potential sponsor, make sure to use the valuable information above in order to file your employer sponsored Green Card application. As if you have a college degree or have several years of experience in a skilled job position, it’s likely that you’ll have your petition for residency approved.

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