How Long Does It Take To Get U.S. Citizenship Through Asylum?

You can seek refuge by fleeing to the United States and obtaining U.S. citizenship through asylum. Whether you want to live in Austin TX or any other state in America as a U.S. citizen, you must meet certain time requirements to be eligible for U.S. citizenship via a process known as naturalization.

It usually takes five years to get your U.S. citizenship through asylum. There are requirements that you need to meet, such as providing proof that you have been a permanent resident. However, the time period for obtaining U.S. citizenship through asylum depends on a number of factors.

Understanding The Time Requirements For U.S Citizenship

Time Requirements To Get A U.S. Citizenship

It is not enough that you know the length of years required to qualify for U.S. citizenship through asylum. You must know how the time requirement is counted using the rollback concept.

“Rollback” allows refugees and asylees to apply for naturalization earlier than they may have expected. Some of your time as an asylee or refugee can be counted, which enables you to apply to naturalize sooner than you imagined.

The years you spend as an asylee is important because those years are counted as part of your permanent residency requirement. Asylees can qualify to get lawful permanent residency in the U.S. after being physically present in America for a year. This time period is counted from when a person is granted asylum. Asylees go through an adjustment of status, the process to become lawful permanent residents. It involves filling out the USCIS’s Form I-485

In some cases, you can monitor the time you spend in America before submitting an application for a Green Card, particularly when counting the time you have stayed as a permanent resident. If you entered the U.S. as a refugee, you can count your permanent residency from the day you entered America for the first time regardless of how long it took you to be considered a permanent resident.

To avoid prolonged waiting, you need to look for a dependable immigration attorney to assist you and guide you on your specific case. They know the legal procedures and make the most of your time.  

 Factors Affecting The Time Period

It is essential to remember that the time period to obtain U.S. citizenship through asylum depends on your circumstances. For instance, you may be required to wait even longer, even if you are an asylee who has waited for a year and secured a permanent resident status.

Some of the factors why you may risk waiting longer or even losing eligibility to obtain U.S. citizenship through asylum is if you travel out of the United States longer than necessary without seeking authority. Other related travel circumstances can also affect your naturalization timelines.

Your Travel History

If you go back to your country after seeking refuge, you may not be eligible for U.S. citizenship through asylum. Since the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services grants asylum to individuals fearing persecution or those who have already been persecuted based on factors like politics, race, or religion. Going back home may mean that you are no longer at risk.

Returning to your homeland a number of times after getting asylum complicates your case and eligibility for naturalization further. In most cases, you must explain why you break the continuous residence requirement needed to be naturalized. You need a valid reason to avoid losing your eligibility for U.S. citizenship through asylum or prolonging your naturalization timelines.


You are not only dealing with the stressful tangible requirements when you undergo the process of obtaining U.S. citizenship through asylum. You also need to know about its time period, so you can lessen the unnecessary waiting time. It is important to know the factors that may prolong the process, be aware of your travel history, and have a dependable immigration attorney. 

For an accurate timeline for your case, it is crucial to have an immigration lawyer. The immigration attorneys from top-rated immigration firm Lincoln-Goldfinch Law will provide you with an initial consultation during which they may provide crucial details regarding the timetable requirements for asylees pursuing citizenship, among other essential information in acquiring U.S. citizenship through asylum.

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