Overview: University Of Texas Austin

UT Austin, UT (also known as University of Texas) is a research university located in Austin, TX. The university was established in 1883. In 1929, the university was added to the AAU (Association of American Universities).

The university is an academic research center with a research budget amounting to $679 million as of 2018. University of Texas, Austin hosts seventeen libraries and seven museums, including Blanton Museum, and LBJ Presidential Library. The university also runs auxiliary research facilities like McDonald Observatory and J. J. Pickle Research.

As of 2020, Alumni, researchers, and faculty members of the university have managed to earn multiple awards, including 13 Nobel Prizes, 4 Pulitzer Prizes, 2 Fields medalists, 2 Turing Awards, 2 Abel Prizes, and 2 Wolf Prize winners. The university has also produced 143 Olympic medalists and 3-Primetime Emmy Award winners.

Brief History

The university’s history can be traced back to 1827 when it was first mentioned in the Coahuila y Tejas Constitution. When Texas gained independence from Mexico, Texas Congress adopted a constitution that created provisions for a general education system. An act to establish UT Austin was referred to Texas Congress on 18th April 1838. It wasn’t until 26th January 1839 that land was set aside for the construction of a public university. The land was also provided for the establishment of new capital.

In 1858, the 7th Texas Legislature approved funding for the construction of UT Austin. However, it wasn’t until 1879 that construction funding was clearly defined with the establishment of a university fund.

Notable Developments

The first-ever presidential library was dedicated on 22nd May 1971. In 1999, a Martin Luther King Junior statue was unveiled but shortly vandalized by John Butler.

UT Austin has experienced a construction boom since early 2000. In 2006, the university opened Blanton Museum. Two years later, AT&T Center (an education and conference center) was opened.

In 2011, the university announced a TV network partnership – Longhorn Network, with ESPN earning the university $300 million as 20-year rights fees to the university and IMG College (UT Austin’s multimedia rights partner) that covers the university’s music, athletics, cultural arts, and academic programs.

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