Work Permits, Asylum, & Filing Fees With Jackie Mann

by on August 4, 2020 in Blog, English

Jackie Mann returns to Lincoln-Goldfinch Law!

She is here to talk to Kate about the latest immigration updates.

What is going with work permits for asylum seekers? Kate explains the new regulations. The important date to keep in mind is August 25th, which is when everything shifts. Make sure you get your case in! Historically, for an asylum applicant, you can file for a work permit 150 days or 5 months after you file your asylum application. In this video, I'll go over the difference between affirmative and defensive asylum applications. They are now extending it to almost a year's wait before you can file. Anyone who filed for asylum before March 25 MUST file for a work permit BEFORE August 25th.

Video Time Stamps:

9:04 Asylum seekers who enter without inspection, waited a year for filing, or caused a delay

10:15 The Trump Administration has implemented over 400 immigration policy changes.

11:00 Changes to filing fees

13:32 Deadline for submitting cases before filing fee increase: Oct. 2!

14:15 Cases that will be the most affected: Adjustment of status ("One-Step"), I-765 Work Permit and Travel Permit

16:58 FB User Question: Can you renew a work permit after expired...after all courts have closed?

18:10 Consular Process fees will stay the same

19:06 Citizenship Cases will increase

20:00 Humanitarian Cases will increase

22:28 Summary -- Call us soon!

23:50 DACA applicants will not have a fee increase. You will need to renew yearly instead of every other year