Vote for you and your loved ones

by on October 24, 2016 in Blog, English


A central piece of this year's elections has been immigration. The Presidential candidates have maintained clear positions, and we must pay attention to whom will continue to make progressive changes for comprehensive immigration reform.

The final Presidential debate elucidated the candidates' antithetical positions over the hot-button issue. The republican nominee began his campaign in June last year with the absurd promise of building a border wall that Mexico would pay for. The democratic nominee, who would become the country's First Female President, maintained her position of providing a path to citizenship through comprehensive immigration reform. She also supports President Obama's executive order on DACA and DAPA programs.

Without a doubt, only one candidate will assume the responsibility of this great country's Presidency with compassion for immigrants. If you are eligible to vote in this year's November 8th elections, please exercise your right to vote and choose the candidate most aligned with human rights and immigrant rights. We are all immigrants; coming together is why our country continues to flourish.

You can read more in depth about each candidate's positions here: