Kate did a good job. nice change from some lawyers I’ve dealt with. she’s a really nice person, which is a good bonus. Thanks Kate!!
My name is Maria Victoria and I had very good results. With the service of a lawyer Kate. She helped me with my husband migration process. Now his legal in the country.
I was very pleased to work with Kate. She is a very professional lawyer that helped us solve our immigration issues. My husband and I are very thankful to Kate
The people at Lincoln Goldfinch Law are honest and fast in their response. My application is still pending but everything from the filing to the endless questions were answered dutifully.
Every step of the way, Lincoln Goldfinch has helped with any question I had regarding my immigration from the UK. The process was perfectly handled by Kate and her team, and the process broken down to easy understandable steps. I am very happy with how my case is unfolding and being processed.
Hola yo estoy súper contenta por a vernos ayudado con este proceso del daca fue un proceso con altas y bajas por no sabes si me hiban a dar el.permiso o no ver la preocupación en los ojos de mi madre y yo no poder dormir por una vez ya habían rechazado emigración mi caso eso fue lo más feo...
Para mi fué una buena experiencia trabajar co Kate y su equipo. Siempre atentas y rápidas para responder cualquier duda.
Mi esposa y llo, estamos muy agradecidos y contentos con su trabajo la recomendamos100%por onesta y sincera,gracias!
I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service provided by my Immigration Lawyer, Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch. She was positive and reassuring throughout the process, and she navigated the complicated dynamics and personalities involved in my case with ease. I would hire her again tomorrow, but thankfully I won’t need to because with her help, I now have my green card.
I have gotten my citizenship with Mrs Lincoln Goldfinch. Their service was extremely professional, their knowledge of immigration law is unparalleled. I recommend them to all my friends that need immigration assistance.
I was recommended to Kate from a previous client of hers. Since the first time I met Kate I felt relaxed and in good hands.She explains everything in detail and is always available if you have any question no matter what that question might be. She is professional and kind at all times and patient, having a then 3 yr...
I had the best experience and service from the Law firm. Kate has shown professionalism and speed in her service to me. Highly recommended.
I was very satisfied with Kate and her firm for handling my immigration status adjustment case. I was referred to Kate by a Lawyer
Me senti comoda y Muy bien representada, me gustó mucho el profesionalismo con que se manejo mi caso, ahora solo puedo decir que estoy Feliz de este primer logro migratorio siendo Residente. Muchas gracias y que sigan prosperando Exitos
I had the best experience and service from this law firm. Kate has shown professionalism and speed in her service to me. Highly recommended. She is an excellent Immigration Attorney.
La abogada es una buena persona nos tiene informados de como va nuestro caso o cuales son los siguientes pasos.
Reception is always warm at Lincoln Goldfinch Law.
When I came to the United States my wife and I hired the great, professional service of Kate Lincoln Goldfinch. I had two do different cases to update my status and now I am an American citizen, thanks to the effort of Kate helping me with all the process. I recommend her because I know that she really cares about...
Lincoln gold finch law I’m so happy that you took my case,very professional service, so responsible you always answer fast . I didn’t stress thinking about what was next,cause you were there ready, calling or emailing. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend your service to friends and family.
After previously trying on two seprate occasions to obtain my citizenship, I finally got it thanks to Kate. Thank you! Now we are going for my wife’s green card.
Kate is not just a wonderful immigration lawyer, but also an amazing person who understands her client’s personal situation and emotions.
Lincoln Goldfinch Law, was very direct and professional working on my issue. I’m very happy I found them.
Kate is a good person. She keeps us informed on our case and as to what the next steps are.
I felt very comfortable and well represented, I loved the professionalism of how she handled my case, and now I can only say that I am happy in this first achievement of migration: being a resident. Thank you very much and may you continue to thrive.
My wife and I are very thankful and happy with her work. We recommend her 100% for her honesty and sincerity. Thank you!
It was a good experience working with Kate and her team. Always attentive and quick to respond any doubt!
Hi, I am super happy that Kate helped us with the DACA process. It was a process of highs and lows for the uncertainty of whether or not I’d receive the permit, or seeing the look of concern in my mother’s eyes, and I could not sleep – for once they denied my immigration case, and that was the ugliest...
We went to three different immigration lawyers before finding Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch and were shocked by their unprofessional conduct
Great service
We were extremely pleased and grateful for Kate’ s legal service and excellent knowledge on immigration in handling Vy Nguyen’s case.