Julie Flanders Speaks at Poverty Law Conference 2017

by on April 14, 2017 in Blog, English

Our very own Austin immigration attorney, Julie Flanders, spoke at the Poverty Law Conference in Houston this year. The Conference provides essential legal training for attorneys that work with low-income Texans. Notable presenters that joined Julie included: Jennifer Hixon, Director of CASA RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services), Manoj Govindaiah, Director...

America's Prisons for Refugees by Jack Craver

America's Prisons for Refugees by Jack Craver

by on April 26, 2016 in Blog

Jack Craver  Photos by AP Photo/Donna McWilliam and Jack Craver    We have drug dealers coming across, we have rapists, we have killers, we have murderers.” This is the slander against Latin American immigrants made famous by Donald Trump. Unfortunately, it is only a couple of words away from the truth. Murder and rape are...


Help Stop Raids at Family Detention Centers

by on January 6, 2016 in Blog, English

The Department of Homeland Security, under the direction of Secretary Jeh Johnson, began its operation focused on the immediate removal of undocumented immigrants and their families, the majority of which are seeking asylum from persecution. The deportation raids this weekend yielded over 100 adults and children that were arrested and sent to family detention centers...


It's Time To Be Heard Again!

by on December 2, 2015 in Blog, English

Tell Texas: Detention centers are not child care facilities! On November 20, 2015, state District Judge Karin Crump of Travis County ruled that Texas may not claim an "emergency" to expedite the licensing of two private detention centers holding immigrant families. This move was an attempted workaround to a federal district judge's ruling in July that...


End Family Detention

by on October 16, 2015 in Blog, English

Many families that immigrate to Texas end up in family detention. These facilities are not suitable for childcare, and it is inappropriate that they be treated as if they were criminals. Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch works with other Austin immigration lawyers to ensure everyone receives the legal help they need. Join the DC-MD-VA Coalition in Support of...