Supreme Court TIES 4-4: Millions Left in Limbo

by on June 23, 2016 in Blog, English
Photo by Pilar Marrero

Photo by Pilar Marrero

The Supreme Court has announced a 4-4 tie decision in the case of United States vs. Texas, on whether President Obama’s executive order to suspend deportations and grant undocumented immigrants work permits is within his scope of authority as commander in chief.

This means that the fifth circuit injunction against the program will stand and it will not go forward at this time.

The DAPA program, Deferred Action for Parents of Americans, grants temporary legal status with a three-year, renewable work permit. People who have lived in the United States since 2010 and whose children are American citizens or lawful permanent residents are eligible for DAPA. In addition to DAPA, more than two dozen states have also challenged the expansion of DACA, the 2012 program for undocumented minors in the U.S., which would make it a three-year program as opposed to the original two-year program.

Millions of patient families have been affected by this monumentally important decision - one which has been deliberated for nearly 2 years. The expansion of DAPA and DACA would enable families to come out of hiding, in a sense, and send their children to school, purchase a home or vehicle, or otherwise contribute to American society in productive and meaningful ways.

The critical ruling could be appealed when we elect a new president in November. While certainly not an end game to immigration reform, the expansion of DAPA and DACA would provide much needed relief to many deserving people. We promise to update you immediately when we have any information!


El Tribunal Supremo anuncio que mantendrá bloqueado los programas migratorios de Presidente Obama en el caso de United States vs. Texas, luego que la votación quedo empatada 4 a 4.

A este tiempo, no se procederán los programas DACA y DAPA. Los programas impediría la deportación de casi 5 millones de gente que esperaban la decision, la cual ahora queda en las manos de la corte federal y la elección en Noviembre.

La expansion ayudaría a familias comprar una casa o un vehículo secundario, mandar sus hijos a la escuela, y otras contribuciones productivas a la sociedad Americana.

Compartimos la frustracion de casi 5 millones de familias que han quedado en limbo como resultado de esta decision.