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Thank you for joining Las Guardianas de Inmigración on Keilah Radio today during our Facebook Live broadcast. Here at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, we handle bankruptcy, immigration, and some types of work visas. You can contact us at (855) 502-0555, ask us your questions and our immigration attorney will discuss your options after a short free consultation. As attorney Kate pointed out, with the new administration there are many more opportunities to adjust your immigration status. For this reason, the topic we discussed today during our broadcast was "The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Attorney to File Your Paperwork".

Among the calls we receive, there are many in which our clients compare their cases with those of acquaintances who have found themselves in similar situations. Other times they call us to get advice and go through the process on their own, and other clients are already facing the consequences of having initiated the process without the help of a legal professional and need help to resolve their situation.

What Are The Consequences of Going Through The Process On One's Own?

In the worst-case scenario, the process can end in deportation proceedings.  According to attorney Kate, immigration law is very complicated and every case is different. However, the most important thing for a person who is thinking about taking action regarding their immigration status is to obtain a legal consultation. In this way, an expert can help you to establish a strategy to address your case, and here at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law we will be honest and transparent with you regarding the possibilities of a settlement regarding your immigration status.

Our Clients' Cases

Karla presented the following case: Two men who are undocumented, entered the United States illegally in the same way (by river), and who are each living in a common-law union with a U.S. citizen. Both are suffering from abuse by their spouses. One of them is living with his partner in Arizona and the other with his partner in the state of Texas.

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An Immigration Attorney Can Help With Your Case

Each case is unique, almost like a fingerprint, even if it seems that the cases are very similar. The only difference between them, as attorney Kate points out, is that one lives in Texas and the other lives in Arizona. As for the Immigration Law, the same applies to all cases in the United States. However, the difference between how each case would be handled is that they live in different states. The reason for this is a marriage law that exists in Texas called Common Law Marriage, which means that the legality of a marriage does not depend on the existence of a formal marriage record. A couple may be legally married in Texas if they live together in the same household and present themselves to their community (family, friends) as husband and wife.

Between the two men, the one who lives in the state of Texas has the possibility of legalizing his immigration status through the VAWA program. VAWA is the program for spouses, children, parents of citizens, or permanent residents who are suffering abuse in their relationship and who cannot fix their immigration status because of the abuse they are suffering. To apply for this program it is necessary to be legally married to the citizen or permanent resident, so the man who is a Texas resident can argue that he has been living with his partner for more than 3 years, or that he files his taxes together, or that he calls her his wife in front of his friends/family. The same would not be possible in the case of the man living in Arizona.

One of our listeners asked us:

"Attorney, do you take asylum cases?"

Kate answered yes. As she told us, asylum cases are the area in which she began her work as an attorney after studying Immigration Law, it was always her favorite area and she worked in it for many years. Likewise, attorney Cori Hash, who is Kate's partner at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, used to work with a non-profit organization in Washington D.C. that focuses on asylum cases. So here at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law we are happy to take on those types of cases and are very experienced in them.

Latest Updates

There is news about a change in the process for people who are in deportation proceedings. Under the new administration's regulations, they will focus primarily on deportations of people who have very serious criminal records, or people who entered after November 2020. There are many people who do not fall under those conditions and are in the middle of deportation proceedings. For this reason, Immigration Court Attorneys are ordered to reach agreements with deportation defense attorneys in cases that are not part of the cases prioritized by the Government.

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