Refugees in US Detention Centers

by on September 25, 2015 in asylum, Blog, English

Central American refugees fleeing violence in their states have found trouble at the border for seeking asylum. Immigrants in the above video explain that it would be safer for themselves as well as for their families to reside in the US. Unfortunately, the current political climate on immigration in the US has left little room for compassion from government officials.

Austin Immigration Attorney Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch comments around 1:40, "I think the administration wants to be seen as tough on border enforcement, and is unwilling to let this one go -- even in the midst of all of this obvious suffering."

The Netherlands based news source used the following description for the Youtube Video (rough translation):

"A slap on the wrist for President Obama : Government must explain to the judge today why young illegal immigrants who come across the border have been detained. More than 2100 Latin American children - and sometimes their mothers - are caught in purpose-built detention centers. Correspondent Erik Mouthaan took a look at such a center."