Nora Goes to Court


It might surprise you to hear that immigrants are not given free legal representation in court -- even if they are children.  The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently sued the Justice Department regarding the issue of no representation for children.  During a deposition in the lawsuit, Immigration Judge Jack Weil claimed that children as young as three can represent themselves in court.  My three year old daughter Nora and I gave it a try.  You might imagine just how that turned out.

There has been much backlash since the deposition went public.  Several other immigration attorneys have created the same videos, with the same predictable results.  The media attention and public outcry against Judge Weil’s statements are heartening.  Maybe this means that going forward,  children who have fled violence in their home countries and  who find themselves alone will have an advocate assigned to them.  If Nora and I can help make that happen in my Austin immigration practice and beyond, we are glad to do it!