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As always we were here with you during "El Show Sin Fronteras", bringing you the best information and great news happening in the immigration field. In case you have a credit card and your finances are being affected by this, do not hesitate to contact us - we have the best bankruptcy attorneys to advise you. Today we were joined by Karla Arévalo, Fidel Campuzano and attorney Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch, and they discussed the latest policy changes regarding who can enter the country on a Tourist Visa and ICE raids.

Immigration Changes

ICE Raids

The Biden administration announced that they will no longer do big raids, of several hundred people, as they used to do in the past. What they will do from now on will be to find companies that hire undocumented immigrants and that are exploiting them in the labor market, either by the amount they pay them or by the amount of work they get.

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President Biden Announces Changes To ICE Raids

Each company must submit a report with the data of its employees, including Social Security numbers, to the Federal Agency. Sometimes there is no "match" on the Social Security numbers so the company receives a notice informing them of the situation.

The company must then ask its employees to rectify the information in order to resubmit it, and if this does not happen, the company must terminate those employees.

If the company does not respond to that notice, or if any person reports working without documents in that company, it will trigger the start of an investigation. Some agents will go to the company's premises, but this is different from a raid since the investigation will be the reason for the visit (it will not be random, as in a raid) and will focus on some of the company's employees.

What To Do If You Encounter ICE?

If you are afraid of encountering an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent, remember that you have the right to defend yourself and fight your case, the right to appear before an Immigration Judge requesting a defense (asylum, cancellation of removal, among others). The main objective of those who detain you on behalf of Immigration is to get you to sign the deportation documents, thus avoiding paperwork and seeking quick deportation.

They can do this by using threats or anything they need to say to get the detainee to sign the documents. Immigration legal proceedings often take a long time to resolve and although it is a stressful situation, while this is happening, the applicant can access benefits such as a work permit and potentially win their immigration case and obtain legal status.

If you are in jail on criminal charges, you should consult with a criminal defense attorney. But if you are in an Immigration Detention Center, that is the time to contact us to help you with your Deportation Defense case. Remember that you should not sign any documents or discuss with the Immigration agents the details of your case or the reasons why you are in the country.

If for some reason you already have an open immigration proceeding and prefer not to carry your documents with you, it is advisable that you take a picture of them or memorize your A-number, which is your immigration identification number - it starts with the letter A and is composed of 7 to 9 digits.

It will be your identity number while your immigration case is being resolved and will be useful for reviewing your case information.

We received the following comment via Facebook, read by Fidel, regarding President Biden's most recent announcement on raids:

"But with this, they are going to go after employers and they are not going to give jobs to undocumented people which is almost the same as chasing undocumented people, is E-verify still going on?"

E-verify is a system that is being implemented by several companies and for its use, a tax reduction benefit is offered. It is used to register employees and in turn performs a check against Immigration (not IRS) databases, which would mean fewer jobs available for undocumented immigrants. For this reason, an improvement in the current immigration law is necessary, because the country needs immigrants and has jobs for them, but unfortunately, there are not many options to work legally.

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New Requirements For Entry To The Country With Tourist Visa

We received a case that Karla shared with us:

"We are 5 siblings who crossed from a very young age to the United States, we are undocumented. We have had different exits and entrances but now thank God we each have our own business: construction, laying wood floors, painting houses, etc., and all of our employees are mostly undocumented. Would it be better to put our business in the name of an American citizen? Can we get papers with this? Is there any way you can help us?"

As we always say in our program, it depends on each case. We must investigate each applicant's exits, entrances, education, jobs, etc., so Attorney Kate advised that each applicant schedule a free consultation so we can evaluate each case thoroughly.

Announcement For Tourists

In November, people who have a Tourist Visa and want to travel for non-essential reasons will be able to do so, and the only requirement will be to prove that they have the full COVID-19 vaccination schedule and that it is part of the WHO-accepted vaccines - Sputnik (Russia) and Cansino (China). In some cases, it will also be necessary to present a negative test for COVID-19. There will be more details in the coming days, this is a very recent announcement.

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