Tania Morris-Díaz


I was born in Tucson, Arizona to a Mexican mother and a U.S. American father. Both of them are my idols. I grew up in Mobile, Alabama where I inherited a slight southern drawl and graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a concentration in Latin American studies and a minor in Spanish Literature. My father was my professor (but don’t worry he is an expert on corruption so he made sure to bliind-grade all my papers). When I graduated I moved to Mexico City, where my mother’s family lives, and began studying at UNAM in Political and Social Studies. I lived there for about 4 years and inherited a slight Chilango accent. I met the love of my life and then we moved back to the U.S. I studied law at the University of Michigan where I started picking up a Midwestern accent but refuse to call Coke “pop.” I worked at the Human Trafficking Clinic my first year helping immigrants obtain U and T visas. I interned at the International Service for Human Rights at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland advocating for human rights defenders and learned barely any French. After graduation, I started working at a non-profit helping low-income immigrants with removal defense, especially for those in ICE custody. I then worked as part of the Immigration Court Helpdesk providing community education for any immigrant in court without an attorney. During my free time I like to play video games, lift weights, watch anime, read manga, cook Mexican food to feel less homesick, and talk chisme over cocktails with my friends. I believe wholeheartedly in the freedom of movement as a human right. I believe the human race has been migrating longer than countries have existed. And countries should conform to human migration rather than the other way around.


Meet Marley (AKA Gordo)!

Hello! My name is Marley. I am 14 years young and love to nap and eat. My mom is my best friend because she takes care of me even though I am getting really old and need her help to do simple things. My sister is annoying sometimes but I love her too, I guess.