Miguel Angel Espinosa

Marketing Coordinator

My name is Miguel Angel Espinosa Bañuelos. When I was 3 years old my mom brought me to the USA to give me a better life, in Mexico we lived in constant drug wars and poverty. If my mom hadn’t brought me to Texas I wouldn’t have the education or the happiness I have now.

My time here hasn’t always been easy with the constant watch of ICE officers but it is now over, thanks to people like Kate who helped me and mom become Citizens of this nation. I no longer have the fear of my mom being taken away and I’m honored to work here and give others the chance to live their lives to the fullest with hope and happiness.


Meet Bago!

Hello I am a good boy who likes to eat the sofa and eat a turkey that is 2 times as big as me off the table when no one is looking. I love going on walks 2 times a day and play with other dogs with my Bee toy, I also love helping my owner Miguel with his work by playing with his computer’s cables.