Video Content Coordinator

I am originally from Colombia. I have a degree in Communications and Journalism. After graduating from college, I came to the USA, and now I have been here for about six years. I feel incredibly fortunate to be building a life in this country that has given me opportunities to grow and dream big.

Purpose for me is a powerful motivator that provides me with a sense of direction in both personal and professional contexts. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law’s mission of helping people and families get a better future and a fresh start is my motivator to do my best every day, and help more families achieve the quality of life they have been dreaming of for years. I am super happy to be part of a team. I am sure this is the right place to be.

I am passionate about content creation. I enjoy cooking and eating food from around the world, reading, and snuggling with my 2 cats, Cricket and Bizcocho.