Karla Arevalo

Sales Manager

I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to serve those who need us. Studying the Bible I learned the value of family, to love others and to value life. Acts 20:30 reminds me of the importance of being humble and helping the weak with sincere joy and concern. Which prompted me to strive to help those who need it to the best of my abilities.

I know that you can suffer a lot from misinformation, ignorance or poverty. Even more so when one is far from home and far from the nesting family in a foreign country, with limited opportunities as an immigrant. But if the power to counteract this situation is in my hands, I will. No one deserves to live in fear


Meet Chocolata!

Hello I’m Chocolata, i love to play with my masters Elihu and Karla and my brother Chai who is also my best friend