Josue Teniente


My name is Josue Teniente, and I’m a recent graduate from UT Austin where I completed both my undergraduate and law degrees! I currently live in Austin, but I come from Laredo, a border town in South Texas. My mom was an immigrant to this country, and her experiences and those like her in Laredo inspired me to want to help immigrants as a career. In fact, while she was preparing to become a citizen, I helped my mom study for the citizenship exam and reviewed her paperwork before she turned it in, which helped me confirm that I wanted a career helping people like her.

 I love reading, streaming shows, and watching movies, but my favorite hobby is definitely cooking! I enjoy cooking Mexican and Italian food, but I’m always excited to try new recipes and buy new kitchen gear. I connected with my and my wife’s family through cooking, so I greatly appreciate it as a way to relax and have fun with others. I also have a dog named after one of the Gilmore Girls, Rory! She’s very fun and sweet and keeps me company while I work from home. 

 Throughout my undergraduate degree, I always tried to find ways to volunteer for causes I believed in, and I tried to keep that streak going in law school by participating in the immigration clinic for three semesters. It was hard work, but the people I helped reminded me of why I wanted to go to law school in the first place. Now that I’ve completed my education, I look forward to an exciting career where I can help others navigate a complex and harsh system and hopefully guide them to a place of safety on the other side!


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