Jennifer Briseño

Legal Assistant

I was born in Austin, Texas, but both of my parents are immigrants from Mexico. I did not realize how lucky I was to have been born here until I was in high school and DACA was introduced in 2012. Many of the peers I went to school with were undocumented, some of which I was close friends with, and they were beyond ecstatic when DACA was introduced by President Obama. Being born in the U.S. gave me privileges that others were not lucky to have, such as not being worried if a police officer pulled me over or traveling abroad to Europe after high school.

Once I started college at Texas State University, I was searching high and low for a passion or a career to change my life. It was not until I landed my first part-time job as a legal assistant at another immigration firm that I understood my passion was in family-based immigration. In my last four years as a legal assistant, I have been lucky enough to see people obtain work permits, green cards, and citizenship. The most gratifying feeling is seeing someone obtain legal status; their happiness is unparalleled to anyone else’s when they realize they are not living in fear anymore. I am grateful to work with a team that believes in the same ideals as I do; to continue helping our community and provide them a voice so they can be heard.


Meet Peanut!

Hello my name is Peanut! I love playing with my toys and helping my master with her work, I like belly rubs and treats