Client Care Manager

I am Gloriela, Client Care Manager, and I am passionate about client care and customer service. I have been working in this area for a long time now, and my experience has led me to learn a lot of things and to meet super sweet and interesting people.

Working in Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is to have a daily opportunity to do something for our clients, to really get to help them and of course to make things better for them and their families, definitely this is something that I really appreciate and tesorate, because I live under the ” Helping others is a privilege” idea and I’m so thankful for being part of this Firm and to get a lot of families reunited.

I am from México and yes, I enjoy and love the mexican food, going to the beach and getting in touch with nature so I can get my energy balanced and flowing.


Meet Bruno!

Hi, my name is Bruno Mario, but you can call me BuBu, I will be happy to take a walk to the beach with you. My specialty is to enjoy my treats, sleep and play with my toys and enthusiastically greet all visitors.