Fidel Campuzano

Firm Administrator

I was born in Luvianos, Mexico. At the age of 9, my parents decided to leave their families, house, and memories behind to come to this country. I quickly blended into the American Society upon arrival.

While I was at Reagan High School, I realized that I couldn’t apply for a driver’s license because I was undocumented. I always got mad at those that were U.S. citizens and didn’t take advantage of free driver’s ed classes, mostly because I knew they had the opportunity I was not eligible for. In 2012, I got the birthday present that would change my life! DACA was announced the day after my birthday and I knew right away that I would be a great candidate for this program.

I applied and was granted DACA. I graduated from Reagan in 2013 and started school at the McCombs School of Business in the University of Texas. In 2014, I became aware that the real group I was to thank for my birthday present (DACA) was the Dreamer’s movement. At that point is when I joined the movement and have been defending immigrant families ever since.

Thanks to the Dreamers, I’ve had the opportunity to work with awesome organizations like Workers Defense Project, and now have the pleasure of working at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law. This has helped me continue my education at McCombs while not being another burden on my parents, who already have a lot to deal with.

Now that DAPA is super close to becoming a reality, I become full of excitement. Not only would my parents qualify, but they will be able to have all the opportunities I’ve had since I was granted DACA. Everyone in my family is now protected by some status, except them. I look forward to the day where all undocumented immigrants are given relief from deportation and justice in this country, which we now call home!