Client Care Specialist

Mexican, taco lover and passionate about respectful treatment of all living beings.

Working in the immigration field has been an experience that has opened my eyes to the reality of thousands of people who are looking for a better future for their loved ones.

Meeting each of the people who have worked hard to help their families in a country foreign to their own is an inspiration to give my best and to continue learning every day.

Belonging to the Lincoln-Goldfinch Law family is a gift. The values, the teamwork and the quality of the people who work hard to accompany each client to walk along this path until they reach their goal, are incomparable.


Meet Micifuz!

My name is Micifuz, i live with my master Fernanda along with my sister Panchito. I love meowing for no reason, i enjoy getting attention but not too much otherwise i will bite you, also I love sleeping all day long

Meet Panchito!

My name is Panchito, I live with my master Fernanda along with my sister Micifuz. I love getting petted by my master and i enjoy hunting down insects that might scare my master.